06 July 2015


Hello peeps,
It's been a good while now since I decided to do something new this summer and at the same time something of a worthy cause. The minute I heard about the the polish charity action ''rakn'roll'' (which literally translates as ''cancer n' roll'') I had no doubt whatsoever that my desire for new hairstyle isn't only going to consist of chopping off the ends and getting few highlights.  

The aim of this action is to cut at least 25cm length of your own hair and donate to the organisation to transform into wigs for girls and women suffering from cancer, that undertook chemo treatment. 

From social media I also know this type of work has been massively taking place all over the US and I was so happy to find out I was also given the opportunity to do it whilst on my holiday.

A lot of family members and friends have been asking numerous times ''are you sure you won't regret it?'' and frankly my reply was always the same ''how can I regret doing something for others? My own hair will grow back eventually, I don't need it.''

It's true to say my hands were a bit shaky in the first minute on the salon chair. But the moment I remembered those six small plaits are going to land in the hands of a girl who has been through a lot in her life, and hopefully put a smile on her face, all the worry washed away. 

I'm writing about this because I feel like it's something worth spreading. Something all of us could do (if able) or at least motivate others to do. This time it's not about having funds and donating in form of cash, this time, I personally believe it's bigger and greater. Why not make a change?

The effect (which I'm actually loving and am pleasantly surprised by!). 
Sorry for bad quality- had only my mobile on me.

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