01 November 2015

Tour De Mon Bookshelf

Hello peeps,
It's November ahhh... back to school tomorrow and the last thing I wish for is tones of h/w and study that will be crammed into us before Christmas exams...grrrr.

Having all the books and copies piled up on my desk can be really disheartening and one of my remedies to feel better is to always have a nice and tidy decor. To no surprise comes the fact that I love taking care of my modest book shelf, because there is honestly nothing worse than disrespecting novels. And since I'm an organisation freak, all my books are arranged perfectly up on my desk shelves, the view for me to enjoy each night :)

My desk it this simple, white 16 cube shelf, which I got from Ikea ages ago. Four of my cubes are especially dedicated to part of the books I own and I love to keep my jewelry box and nail polishes at the side too.

Two of my all time favourite fantasy series include Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. (surprise, surprise)

On the romantic side of the story, Fallen series by Lauren Kate is my personal winner. And obviously, my bookshelf would not have been complete without multiple vampire novels, starting from the classic, Twilight, through Vampire Diaries right up to The Dark Heroine by one of my writing inspirations Abigail Gibbs.

 Closer to the bottom I have all my crimes but also some of those ''light & easy'' novels that are perfect for the bad days :)

 And for the grande finale, I absolutely love to keep all my magazines, doodle books etc. in a separate cute box that I think adds so much to the room and occupies your friends when they're over!

What do you think guys? :) Let me know what your 'must keeps on my desk' are and how you like to arrange your book shelves. I'll chat again soon.



  1. Wow, you are so much more organised than I am, haha! Loving all the books and the jewelry box is just too cute. :) <3 Thank you for sharing! Oh and btw, my name is Kinga too, yay! :P <3

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  2. Oh cool :D Yeah I'm obsessed with being organised... Thanks so much for passing by :)

  3. This is such a great way to store all your books, Ikea do the best storage! You've made me want to sort out my own collection!

    Musings & More

    1. Yesss! I guess besides drugstores and chain stores my next favourite must be Ikea. It literally inspires to interior design, haha :D

  4. This is so cute! I think you are right that it is much easier to get things done when things are tidy plus makes you want to read more when the books look good!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it actually does, it's like your private, mini library you can arrange whatever way you want :)


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