06 February 2016

Muck On Them Trainers

Hello peeps! 
I've been absolutely mad about healthy eating and active lifestyle probably since last October. Motivation can be tricky and so here's a list of the key tips I follow to keep myself fit and be happy about it:

  • Start Now. You don't need 1st of January to change your lifestyle. Any time is good so stop procrastinating!
  • Don't analyse how long it will take to get fit. Think of the time you already wasted.
  • 5 times a week is a minimum but if you ever feel you need a break take it or exchange a tough workout with something lighter- like yoga.
  • Start simple. No one is forcing you to run 6 miles straight away or eat half less than you normally do. 
  • Variety is the key. Cycling can get boring too. Change up your workouts. Go to the gym, swimming pool or find a fitness video online. Choice is massive!
  • First cardio. I found it easier to begin with cardio and gradually build my endurance. After some time, start throwing in short episodes of strength after at least 30 mins of workout, to tone up.
  • Focus on one area. It's impossible to workout every inch of your body a day. Rotate between legs, butt, abs and arms. Them muscles need rest too!
  • Equip in cute gear. Is it just me but does pretty workout outfit boost self esteem and motivation by 100%?
  • Forget the weight. When you build muscle you gain weight, ultimately is not about the numbers but the way you feel about yourself. Do however record progress- this motivates!
  • Intervals. Can be done in any way and are the best way to speed metabolism! 
  • Push yourself. Some days you're going to feel worthless, others as if you could take on the world. Use them well, if you want success work for it.
  • Admit it. Being healthy is cool no matter what age. Full stop.
  • Eat post exercise. Protein and protein and once more protein to repair damaged muscles.
  • Eat cake. No one tells you to starve yourself. Treat yourself from time to time and then don't for the next few days. One bun does not make you put on 3 stone.
  • Bananas are my mantra. It is hard to give up pancakes, ice cream, sweet drinks and other goodies. Did you know all of these can be made from just a banana?
  • Fruit sugars. Bananas are handy but they're not all saint either. Kiwi, banana and grapes have very large amounts of sugars which later get stored as fat and should not be eaten more than 3 times a week. Generally vegetables are better than fruit. 
  • Anything can contain veggies. Whether a sandwich or full meal, throw in something nutritious each time.
  • Familiarize with food pyramid. ''Special Diets''suck, this is the truth. No matter what they promise they're usually hard to stick with and in the end result in the so famous ''yo-yo'' effect. Balanced diet is the best option so realize how many portions of what to eat a day and eat whatever you want in moderation. 
  • Eat when you want. Optimum is 5 meals a day at fixed times and in small amounts. But truth is. when you're hungry you're hungry and you should snack on something light instead of starving yourself. Likewise, if you do not feel the need to eat at a given time then don't.
  • Skip supper. Eating after 6pm can have a huge impact on weight loss. I found myself loosing more weight if I ate my last meal four hours before going to bed. It's not simple, you are going to be hungry but the delight with breakfast in the morning is worth it!
  • Breakfast and water- the fixed rule. Always the same story, breakfast and hydration are a key to healthy metabolism and ultimately weight loss. The two run your day. 
  • Frozen fruit are a BFF. With cereal, smoothies or ice creams, frozen fruit are both yummy and nutritious, giving them hair a nice shine and immunity over the cold season. And they're affordable!  
  • Find a ''push'' source. Some enjoy music, I personally prefer movies, that is when I'm working out at home. In terms of motivation, nothing acts better than Youtube videos and magazines. What I advice to stay away from is social media. It can decrease your self esteem immensely!
  • Red tea acts purifying and assists metabolism and detoxing. Liquids also fill you up so they're definitely a good thing to turn to if craving food in excess. 
  • Sleep. Lack of sleep deprives body from proper functioning and disables weight loss.
  • Cold showers cause muscle contraction and can aid body toning. They also fortify immune system. 
  • Rest and relax. As important as it is to exercise it is also essential to rest. Stress can be the worst enemy and taking an average walk or meditating can be just as effective as an hours workout. 
  • Remember. This is not a six month program. Once you decide to be healthy and get fit, it's a change of lifestyle.
  • Reduce. The longer you exercise, the more you can reduce it weekly. However never quit it. Your body first accepts the ''change'' after nine months of continuous workout. That's your first goal set.
  • Stay positive. Reward yourself, whether it be a cookie on a Sunday evening or a brand new bikini! Once you begin there's no turning back and if it ever feels like it, think about how much you have already achieved!

Over the past 3 months I lost a total of 5kg. I worked out approximately 4 times a week for 40 minutes, in the beginning on a rowing machine and recently rotating between jogging and fitness videos. I eat what I want in very moderated amounts.  Besides this, not once have I caught the common cold, compared to previous winters when I got sick at least twice during the season. Condition of my skin and nails has greatly improved. On top of everything, I feel incredibly joyous for sticking with myself. Conclusion?  If I could you can too!

Yes, it will be hard in the beginning. Yes, if you're sixteen living with parents it will more than likely be impossible for them to comprehend you are in require of ''healthier option'' foods (not to mention sneer comments on how you won't last a week). And yes, you will have to quit sugar in your coffee.

But guess what? It's 2016 and I bet one of those lame resolutions is to get your ass off the couch so I'm telling you to do so right now. Wanna be fit for summer? Don't lie to yourself you can start in May! Good luck ;) 

PS. By any means I am NOT a fitness instructor/ dietitian. These are some tips I found to be helpful in my case, majority learnt by own experience or read online/magazine. 

PSS. I am writing this straight after an hour jog + toning exercises and eating a delicious slice of chocolate cake and ice cream (how rude). There are so many things I still want to write but I think this'll do for now :)



  1. Great Post and I agree with everything that you metion above. I started my fitness journey last march, I haven't lost a lot of weight or maybe I did I dont know cause I dont focus on it, but I gained muscle and strength, which is much better than losing numbers on the scale :) I also have realized that the mmore I read you blog, the more sismilarties I found between us :)

    Oh and I saw your last comment on my blog and to answer you question, Yes I would love to do a collab with you :)


    1. I know right, we could be related! :D Ps. I emailed you :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this post!
    You mentioned some great tips that I will definitely be trying out! :) Great post!

    ~ Nicole

    1. Thank you for the comment :D I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

  3. Wow, this is such a thorough list! Definitely some great tips here. Thanks for the motivation! :)
    xo Kiki

    1. Thanks for your comment! Happy it motivated you <3 :D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi! ♥ I am also passionate about having a healthy lifestyle, especially now I'm getting older :P In Spain we have dinner around 9 pm, changing this to around 5pm has made the biggest change! I agree and follow every single tip on you list :)

    Have a great week!

    x Josune @ Your Beauty Script


    1. Healthy lifestyles are solutions to everything! Never knew that about Spain, thats something interesting to find out. Thanks for your comment, enjoy ♥


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