14 June 2015

Summer Fashion Wishlist

Hello peeps ^_^

Ugh, I'm feeling guilty for not posting for almost an entire week! 
I could partly blame it on the fact all my exams were cramped in from Monday to Friday (and are finally over-yay!) but I also got to admit, I was slightly taking the time off due to total lack of creativity! Sorry :(

But now I'm back, my flight to Poland is in just a matter of days and besides thinking ''how the hell am I going to shut that bag?'', the summer shopping list is also going on in my head. 

So, today I put a list of few thinks I hope on getting soon, or that I wish I could get. Basically, some pretty things I found online in my fave high street stores :)


4. H&M, Grey Bikini set, top €14.99, bottom €7.99

Okay, so that is it :) My favourite are probably the sandals. I mean, they're gorgeous, don't you think? Haha :D

Happy summer everyone!



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