06 October 2015

Another Drugstore Beauty Craze

Hello peeps,

so for a number of days/weeks back I've been to some ''little'' shopping sprees down town and happened to actually gather quite a collection of drugstore beauty products. It isn't quite a haul post, I suppose, as I didn't really go out and scoop it all into my bag at once, it just so happened that in a duration of a month my bathroom shelf filled from half-full to overflowing, and I'm just treating this as a short post of few new things that you could find in my room :)

1. Ziaja Active BB Cream (I'm liking it so far)

2. Garnier Micellar Water (always & forever ultimate no.1!)

3. Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry (repurchased just for the season of dry skin and hot chocolate :D)

4. Pantene Split Ends Serum (enjoying using it after wash on wet hair but we'll see about the long term effects yet)

5. Rimmel Oh My Gloss *Stay My Rose* (not my favourite tone but nice hydration)

6. Garnier Neo Deodrant (really love the texture!)

7. Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara (used it aprrox. 3 times and it disappointed me.... not worth its price :/)

8. Bourjois  1 Second Gel Nailpolish *Meli Melon* (love at first sight which happened to be deceiving. The colour changes once on nails to this rotten looking orange and it takes absolutely ages to dry properly! It does last for long though)

9. Eveline Diamond Hard and Shiny Nails Conditioner (OMG... This saves my nail life over and over again! I use this for over two years now and I can't stop raving about it and repurchasing it!)

10. Eveline miniMax Nail Polish *935 (light purple-y shade)* (had it on for the last four days. The colour changes to pink but it's so easy to apply, dries quickly, seems long lasting and is actually so damn pretty!) 

11. Golden Rose Express Dry Nail Polish *(Vibrant Red Shade)* (didn't really use this yet, I do admit it was the 'impulse buy' case scenario as I was desperate for red at the time ... too bad I no longer am...oops)

And that is all for today! Fingers crossed that some of these will find themselves in monthly favourites soon enough :D Do let me know if you tried these before and what do you think (especially about the ones I'm not too pleased with as of first impression) and I'll write again very soon :)


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