03 October 2015

My Insta Gurus

Hello peeps,

I so badly wanted to write this post for such a long time now, I can't believe I finally put my mind to it! 
It probably is one of the most popular posts that exists out there, but at the same time one of my favourite excuses to avoid business homework on Saturday mornings. And so, it is quite obvious that I wanted to share my own absolute fave instagram profiles that I love to follow, which add a bit of beauty and life to the typical Irish autumn weather..bohoo :'(

An awesome corner of art on the internet with an equally creative blog which I recently discovered :)

Simplicity, creativeness and minimal touch of joy in every picture <3

One of my favourite bloggers/youtubers out there; fashion, food, travel... this girl has it all.

First of all, totally unrelated maybe in a slight bit, question; anyone else is freaking the hell out of excitement for Vampire Diaries to air back on next Thursday?! Yeep...
And just while we're at it, Candice's insta account in which she literally makes every day-to-day life look like a pro photo! 

Unquestionable queen of instagram-ers AND my definite make-up guru ^_^

Before I say anything else, can I just ramble on about how much I admire her as an actress? My no.1 selfie pro under the 'sophistication' category <3

An obvious thing but when it comes to fashion, here's the place where I'll always search <3

My motivation and inspiration during times of crisis when art homework has to be done for the next day!

Leave me links down below so I can check out the people you love to follow out there and just before I wrap this up, I do apologize for not updating in such a long time! Gosh, I missed this :)


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