29 January 2016

Reusing Glossy Boxes

Hello peeps,
I've been getting quite into DIY kind of spirits lately, finding this to be the absolute solution to de-stress and chillout on a weekend. Since my artistic skills are probably not a master degree worthy, I limit myself to the flow. Whatever comes out it comes out so I do whatever I wish on the moment. Having five cardboard boxes piled on my window sill for the past three months, was VERY disturbing. As a slight perfections, things out of order bug me to a point I bail on my Sylvia Plath assignment for English and dedicate free time to mess around with super glue; it's time to do something with empty containers.
So I took the opportunity to rearrange my room, make it tidy, neat and a bit more ''aesthetic''. What other way but to achieve this by ''stuffing'' bits and pieces into pretty, beauty boxes?

This works for any type of beauty bottle stacked on my drawer; from leave-in conditioners to body sprays, a simple box makes the job of wiping dust a million times easier. Not to mention nothing more falling out of order.


In a deep corner of my jewelry box I stumbled across a glass full of beads and accessorize I once used when being mad about DIY bracelets. Since I got long bored with that, I knew I wouldn't need them anymore. Instead, I spiced up a plain pink cover lid, which now proudly sits on my desk, containing thousands of scraps of papers, all titled ''Idea #''.

Another thing on my desk that would not mind a bit of organising was definitely my stationary. No longer tossed into a raggy pencil case, now is well placed, easy to pick up, whenever. 

I've seen many cool ways I could still reuse remaining boxes, like transforming them into picture frames or creating a doll house for my little sister (we did something similar back in pre-school, when we designed a room inside a box, it was pretty amazing making little couches and coffee tables from styrofoam and plastic bottles).

What is your remedy for a nerve wracking week?

Chat again very soon.

K xx


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