11 January 2016

Winter Make Up Bag

Hi peeps,
Long time no see and suddenly we're in 2016! This is not crazy- this is terrifying. Not to mention that blogging was definitely not on the top of my game recently, for which I solemnly apologize. But since it was Christmas, I think I'm excused. 

Since it is still winter and my favorite season, it's time for a bit of a make up bag sneak peak. As far as I recall, I never did a 'what's in my make up bag' post and they're certainly my most enjoyable to read, so I thought, why not?! 

Even though Ireland suffers a ''depressingly rainy, snow-free zone'' type of climate, it does not give an excuse to ditch on heavier make up during the winter. Quite frankly the only excuse it does give is for me to experiment with beauty goodies and give out myself to the pleasure of spending longer hours in front of the mirror. I am sixteen, make up is the last worry (and necessity!) on my head right now but it doesn't change the fact it still remains my all time fave hobby, which my make up bag clearly conveys. I like to keep it simple, fun and with just a pinch of edge. 

Bag: Primark 3euro
                        Rimmel U Rock in Black n Blue (Amazon $8)

I honestly think there is zero need to rave about the Emite primer, Rimmel concealer or Benefit's Rollerlash. I've graced them with enough attention as it is and I'm sure majority of you undoubtedly heard about them.The L'Oreal foundation is something I wouldn't turn to on everyday basis. It's fun to use during the chillier days when I'm heading for a small shopping get together or an occasional party, otherwise it stays in the bag. The lipstick however, I am still getting used to!

Red is definitely not a shade I would ever go for- it is too brave and makes me look older which is not the purpose! But, this orange-y coral was very appealing and I think it suits the season perfectly.

I love Rimmel and perhaps am too obsessed with it. But the eyebrow pencil is worth even the most psychopathic adoration!The cream eye shadows took me some time to get used to using but the work payed off and I'm a happy owner of two shades; the one above for winter and a beautiful gold pot for the warm summers. The eye liners are something I like to add when the make up is fast, simple and dull. They add just the gist of metallic color needed to spice things up a bit. 

What's currently in your make up bag and which of these have you used before? I love hearing from you so let me know your thoughts down in the comments and have a wonderful week :)



  1. i love roller lash! nice post :)

    check out my blog: www.jayasblog.com xx

  2. lovely selection! Loving that L'oréal lippy :)


  3. That's an amazing range of stuff haha! I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer! x

    1. Haha, so am I. I can't honestly tell through how many bottles I went already!

  4. Swear by the Wake Me Up range, I don't know how they do it, but it works exactly as it says on the label which for me is a miracle!


  5. Swear by the Wake Me Up range, I don't know how they do it, but it works exactly as it says on the label which for me is a miracle!


  6. Amazing post! I really need to try the Wake Me up products! :)

    Sneha xx | Miss Joy


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