21 May 2016

Bare Faced For Summer | My Beauty Regime

I can already visualize them; wild, unkempt, natural eyebrows and a concealer-free complexion worth ten million. Sun kissed cheeks, long lashes and a bit of balm for a shine. Glowing skin in the heart of a perfect summer, both day and night... mmm how we'd all love that! But before any of them dreams can be achieved, there is prep work to be done and this starts right now. My beauty routine is simple, I hold no secrets as to how I keep them pesky spots away (or at least try to I meant to say). This is my St. Very Holy Beauty Regime I sometimes swear that tiny bit too much by and am super excited to share it with you and even more to hear about your tips and tricks for a clear skin you've got to share <3

Essentially, it all comes down to the diet. Never is a thousand years will I admit chemistry can offer more to my skin than a proper nutrition. It has become more obvious to me over the past seven months of a much healthier lifestyle what an impact it really does. I am not talking food restrictions and hardcore workout but simply a diet enriched in fruit, veg and water. Summer is no longer the time for your regular deep fried chicken goujons with rich garlic sauce (yuck), it is the season for all things light, fresh and fruity!
My favorite to snack on include watermelon, oranges, cucumber and tomato, that always keep me hydrated and supply with the ''better'' sugars.  I also love carrots and peppers for their carotene and that gorgeous tan that comes with it! Just snip a bit to your wrap or dinner or kick off that salad season and you're good to go!
And obviously, water, water, water! Nothing does as much wonder as liquids. Remember, with addition of natural flavoring such as lemon, mint or lime, water will absorb better. To keep on track I find the water apps and cute gym flasks very motivating.

Onto the actual science itself, let's begin with my evening skincare routine. My skin is a perfect example of combination, meaning I can't scrub them oils off too much nor moisturize excessively. I like to therefore keep a balance between products aimed specifically at skin prone to imperfections and deeply hydrating.
I start off with removing the minimalist amounts of makeup straight after I get home and always before heading for a run. Sweat combined with beauty products clogs pores and results in unavoidable breakouts. I use the always beloved Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, just because it has been faithful and gentle to me for so long now and is super affordable too. 

Moving on to cleansing, I am so so so in love with the Garnier Pure Active Cream Wash. I never used to be a fan of Garnier face cleansers simply because I found them too harsh on my skin. Ever since it transformed from sensitive to extremely oily, I fell in love with their stuff. This particular one seems to be fitting my skin type so darn well I will certainly be repurchasing it. It is refreshing, effective and gentle at once. 

Once thoroughly washed I smooth, hydrate and perfectionate with the Hey Honey Facial Serum. I was somehow opposed of trying it at first as I associate serums with more of a mature skin appropriate, but after reading deeper into it and testing it out for myself I realized how much I love the stuff. Its lightness really prevents the unwanted breakouts yet moisturizes so well. Plus this one smells incredibly gorgeous! 

My morning routine is pretty much identical yet I switch the serum for a thicker day cream with SPF for that extra protection. I really enjoy using Nivea Daily Essentials just because I did try the more fancy hydrating creams previously and none of them really satisfied me as much as I thought they would. Nivea has always been my go to and always does a fine job.

Twice A Week:
A little scrub goes a long way and I have already praised my favorite No7 Exfoliate in a previous post you may read here. Honestly, I don't know how many times I've repurchased this. It truly is a great quality product which I love! 

Once A Week: 
A current facebook trend got me intrigued, and so I gave the gelatin nose peel a try. For half a teaspoon of gelatin mix in half a teaspoon milk and a single drop of water. Stir to the type of consistency below and microwave for approximately 15 seconds. Since slightly unpleasant smell-wise apply onto a clear, steamed nose trying not to scrunch in disgust, with an old makeup brush. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then peel off to remove the ever so hated black heads and remain with perfectly smooth nose. Simple as. I've got to say I absolutely love giving myself such a peel once a week. Whereas the results are minimal and I suppose it would be necessary to repeat the process on more regular basis, I won't deny it its cheeky fun!

Whenever So Please: 
Last in my regime comes a small trick I was curious of trying and ended up loving. Personally I drink a lot of green tea which is a brilliant antioxidant. So I thought, if within, why not outside? Now whenever I'm drinking a cup I like to soak a fresh cotton pad and use as a toner on a clean face once chilled. Although slightly drying I find it works wonders on the forehead where all the imperfections show.

I can't believe I have only two weeks left until summer. Now is such a busy period with exams, work experience and all other business I love to indulge myself into the skincare side of story. Can't wait to rock it makeup-less this year, never mind the skin's performance. So far so good with the regime anyway and a little bit of sun will complete its desires. How are you preparing for the upcoming months? 

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  1. I really love the no.7 exfoliator! I'm personally a big fan of the makeup-free look and I would love to be able to rock it more often, unfortunately some days my skin is just red and dry and it's not possible.

    1. I know the troubles, it is so annoying and happens to me too. On those days I cheat with a little bit of BB cream and am good to go ;)
      Thanks for stopping by <3


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