05 May 2016

Embarrassing Story & Why I Stopped Going Shopping | Peek Into My Diary

26th March 2016

Think about the last time you felt like a complete idiot, wishing to never been born. Now combine this with a situation you were so embarrassed you wanted to be swallowed by the deepest, darkest depths of earth. Add a moment when something of nonsense meaning that you cherished badly faced unquestionable death and you're one hundredth step closer to feeling the way I am.
If you believe that giving a wrong answer in a classroom, your stomach rumbling during a very silent moment or saying something you shouldn't have is awkward, I've got some bad news for you.
What would say about... let me think... falling into a tank of water.... in a completely public place.... indoors?!
No, unfortunately this is not one of those clever metaphors, conveying something of another, deeper meaning. I'm utterly straight forward and you either believe me or you don't. Just a little notice you might like to register; never, ever, in a dark room of an exhibition centre, misinterpret a decorative, fountain styled pool with a couch. Indeed, the low wall surrounding its circumference is to be sat at if you prefer that from totally comfortable pillows just an inch away, but not so much the inside. Maybe just case avoid any low seated areas and anywhere public you want to set your butt in general. This might as well save you some stress... and money!
Yes, I took a bath in a water tank today, soaking my entire dignity before even getting a taster of the big bad world. Speaking of humiliation....
Oh, and all that ''shit I gotta save'' obsession I've got going on right now? Yeah, my phone was kind of in the pocket of my sweater. Well, until it fell out, sinking to the bottom and appearing a bigger catastrophe than Titanic in my eyes. No much worries, it does work as long as you consider out of memory, freezing every five minutes, flashing uncontrollably every once in a while a decency. It'll do until I get new one, but how does a sixteen year old with no job and tones of debts to my parents achieve that? I've got twenty euro in my pocket and a lot of expenses coming up. God, if these are problems I never want to move out. 
In terms of embarrassment and over-attention from the crowd, luckily for me there weren't that much people present. Those who were had their backs turned engaging in a presentation streaming from the cursed projectors. But my thoroughly soaked pants probably did raise some questions and trust me, it was neither fun to be amongst all these strangers nor having to walk like a penguin. Only reassurance is that this was technically a holiday, out off my normal place of residence and never again will I face these people again. 
Up until now I still don't know if I want to laugh or cry thinking about how humiliated, pathetic, clumsy and embarrassed I felt. By far it was one of those experience I wouldn't forget after brain damage and permanent amnesia but until it's old and rusty in my memory I won't remember it well. 
I do laugh about it already, I suppose. I share the story with my friends and observe how shocked they seem with what happened and completely not surprised it was me who managed to secure such a life story. Let's be honest, it's kind of hilarious if you visualize it well. I just can't wait for the day my dad and step mom will be laughing in my face about this (all over again). Isn't life lovely?



  1. Nawww, I totally feel you though... I'm pretty socially awkward and the amount of cringe worthy going home and crying moments is pretty up there... not gonna lie sometimes it's just better if I don't socialise XD lol


    1. Haha yes I agree, staying home is always safe. Why risk awkward moments when there's a bed and a couch? :D


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