30 May 2015

May Fave- Product of the month

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator


Hello peeps,
So I've decided that instead of doing monthly favourites every once in a while, I'm going to do ''The Product of the Month'' at the end of each month or so. I just realized this will be a lot shorter and it will prevent me from continues rambling and therefore kind of more interesting hopefully :) (But do let me know what you think)

Okay, so this month (and the previous two also) I have been absolutely loving the No7 Exfoliate TO DEATH! I cannot even describe in words, the love I have for this face care product. 

The label reads- Normal/ Dry Reveals smoother, brighter looking skin. Hypo-allergenic.

My story with this is almost like with every other beauty product; my mom bought it first. And when I ran out of my own face scrub, I was in desperate need for one. 

At the beginning I was however slightly reluctant as that Normal/Dry skin type didn't quite satisfy me (basically if it doesn't read dry/very dry or sensitive I'm very opposed) but already after the first use I was pleasantly surprised not only by the hydration but also effectiveness!

I find that because of its creamy texture and tiny, scares pink particles it is so gentle on your skin at the same time removing all the dead cells and giving it a glowing and radiant look. I tend to use it once a week focusing mainly on my t-zone and I have to say that after washing my face in the evening, my skin is so hydrated and clear the following morning I reduce the amount of make-up to minimum,

It does not cause any itchiness, redness or the so common in my case; ''snake peeling''. It doesn't really have a strong scent, basically just a natural creamy fragrance which is obviously good (even though it apparently does contain a scares amount of perfume according to the ingredient list). It's a pretty good value for money and I'd definitely recommend it.

I have also noticed that because it removes the excessive oil on my skin without over drying I tend to get a lot less break outs and I'm just totally mad about it in general.

You can simply click here to check it out online and yeah, that's my May Fave basically :D

If you have previously used it let me know down in the comments what you thought of it? And make sure to list your favourites as I be more than thrilled to check them out :D



  1. I've been SO tempted to try some more No7 products, so I'm glad to read such a positive post! Thank you! Really great writing style too.

    Jade x



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