23 May 2015

Quick Update, current read + music favourite

Hello peeps,
Didn't want to break my every-second day routine just because it took me ages to sort my study notes and make myself a bit more organised (this weekend is going to be hardcore, study-wise) and so I decided to post very quickly despite my "going-to die-if-I-don't-shut-my-eyes-in-a-minute" mood. 

Quick update on my revision: it absolutely sucks but I'm keeping positive :D exams start Wednesday week and I have entire four days of block revision ahead of me.... that summer time feels so close.

In terms of the current book, I'm reading Simon Beckett's 'Chemistry of death' and I love it! It's a total crime with forensic science included- perfecto!

Also on my play list "King", "Runaway", "Haunted" and "See you again" are on replay! ♥♥♥

How are you all keeping? Any exciting news?

Proper post coming Sunday :)


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