15 July 2014

Cyprus Vacation

So I just wanted to say huge thanks to my dad and his wife for this amazing Cyprus holiday J

I still think they were overdramatic with my luggage- 16kg bag with 5 pairs of shoes for a 7 days vacation  isn’t that bad! But the time was awesome and memories are wondrful :D

Check out the pictures below… 

Palm alley to the beach :)

How I see most of the world.... <3

Highway to hell :P

You can't see it here, but when we were landing in Pafos, every house in an estate had a private pool in the back garden- how awesome is that? :D

The highest point on Cyprus. This blue area in the back- yeah that's the sea :D The mountains actually have snow during winter and lots of people ski there... imagine how fascinating it must be riding down a mountain and staring at the people on the beaches sunbathing :D

Just a pic of my shadow in the sunset :)

The Aphrodite's rock. It's said that if you find a heart-shaped rock on that beach you will have a luck in love life....

...and here is were you look ;)

That was fun :')

Did you guys go anywhere special for your vacation? Or did you just stay at home and relaxed that whole year of school?
     Let me know in the comments below what you did or maybe some places you would love to visit (I know I have a whole list of these :)

Love Loads,


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