24 December 2015

A Christmas Tale | How It's Celebrated in Poland

Living in Ireland since the age of 7 taught me two things- 1) It's never an unsuitable time of the year to order hot choco and wear a woolly jumper 2) Out of all annoying questions I ever get asked, the cultural ones fascinate me the most.

Being asked about the lifestyle in Poland approximately twenty eight hundred times a year, I discovered how much in fact I am in love with the various traditions of different cultures and how passionate I am to hear (and talk) about them.

The main concept behind Christmas is obviously the same, but the traditions and rituals that follow vary quite a bit than to how its being celebrated in Ireland, UK, America etc.

So what exactly is the main difference?

20 December 2015

Prep Up That Party Face (December Glossybox)

Hello peeps,
Since we're getting more and more into the Christmas spirit and the 25th is already lurking out the corner, I'd say it's safe to assume festive parties are trending this week. I myself have few upcoming outings and the thought of getting ready is probably the most exciting bit! Having received my December Glossybox a whole two weeks back, I really wanted to make a post including some of the products I got and thought they would nicely combine with some of my already existing, party-skin-care-routine, basics .

14 December 2015

Currently On My Nails

Hello peeps,
As a short end week post I wanted to show you what is currently priding itself on my nails. I really love seeing posts on what others are wearing so I thought it would be fun to do one myself.

I'm definitely not an aspiring nail artist, and when it comes to nail art; I love seeing it, not doing it. I never really enjoy excessive designs on my nails, I don't feel good in them. Sometimes I allow myself a bolder, more vivid colour,

06 December 2015

Recent Beauty Besties

Hello peeps,
Is it too late for a November favourites post? Maybe, but I'm doing one anyway and since half of these stuff I have owned before November, lets treat it more as current beauty affairs. Lets go...

03 December 2015

Liebster Award- A Christmas Edition

Hello peeps,
Up until one morning, I didn't really have much understanding of the Liebster Award. Sure I've heard about it and on numerous occasions saw comments on other blogs that have been nominated but I've never thought I would find such a comment on one of my own posts. I mean, I was convinced it's just me, my keyboard and the screen and the realization that someone actually takes the time to pop their head over and acknowledge the work you put into your passion is the best pre Christmas gift ever!

Not to mention the fact I've been nominated not by one but four lovely girls!