30 December 2014

Best of 2014

Heya guys!

How was every body's Christmas?

I hope you had an amazing time with Your friends and family or whoever you spent it with (if not don't worry- exactly 359 days 'till next YAY). 

OK, so I'm assuming this probably is my last post in 2014 and so I decided to sum it all up, share some of my ultimate favourites and basically get rid off any negativity that happened this year and be ready to go forward in 2015. Let's get started.

(note: not every of these are necessarily ''this years'' and in terms of books and movies I might have other ''bests'' it's just that I haven't read/watched them this year :) 


  • Aerosmith: I don't wanna miss
  • Indila: Love Story
  • Sia: Chandelier
  • David Guetta & Showtek: Bad
  • Band Aid 30: Do they know its Christmas 
  • Taylor Swift: Blank Spaces
(did you guys realize that up until yesterday I was 100% convinced she is singing ''gotta love these Starbucks Lovers'' instead of ''got a long list of ex-lovers''- I know, what a fail x'D )

  • Love Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
  • Confessions: The Private School Murders by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  • The Dark Heroine by Abigail Gibbs 
  • Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
  • Love Rosie
  • Maleficent 
  • What If

Make-up/ Beauty:
  • Rimmel Glam'eyes professional liquid eyeliner 

  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear pink grapefruit cleansing range

  • L'Oreal Double extension mascara


I can't actually think of 1 good thing that happened this year that was in some way out of the norm. When I think about it for longer there are couple of things that kinda pop into my mind when thinking of the best of the best, but honestly non of these is quite ''unusual''. 
I really enjoyed this year's vacation on Cyprus. I feel a bit proud of myself that I got the courage to do a whole journey from one country to another completely on my own- and enjoyed it! Actually, for the first time ever, managed not loose my card and collect enough stickers to get a free coffee at McDonald's! Oh and the most important- learned to appreciate people who are here no matter what and realized that those who cannot accept me the way I am, aren't in my life to stay so said goodbye forever. 


 I'm aware this is titled ''Best of'' however getting rid of bad thoughts is kinda essential to move on.
(hope I don't put you to sleep with this fascinating summary of the past 2 months)

So, me and my best friend had this ginormous fight with one douche bag whom we once upon a time dared to call a friend. This was a bit rough on both of us, and even though we realize the fault is a bit on both of the sides, we can't really accept the behavior of this one particular, most idiotic, totally overrated human being. The whole situation hit us hard and even though I always pretended not to care and be the tough one; some things really can hurt at times. That's the sad truth. But I personally don't want to drag this on into 2015 and I'm just going to forget this ever happened (along with the ''human being'').

Another thing would probably be that few months back I was forced to move houses; from a dead end to even worse dead end which I proudly can describe as a shit hole. How lovely. 
OK maybe it isn't as bad as I thought it would (I didn't have to move schools or anything like that) and I suppose it's kinda alright- I did get a bigger room after all. (See what I'm doing here- looking at the bright side of things. BAM! Extra points for me).


Everybody knows these never work, but in 2015 I'm really going to try and defeat my lack of strong will. (Says a girl who reduces amount of chocolate and sugar in tea since 2009- GO ME!)
But basically I made this list of things I want to do this year and these start from silly ideas like finally cutting the ends of my hair, stopping with energy drinks and trying to update regularly, to more serious ones. 
These include things from not looking at the past to being less egoistic and overcoming my coward-ness. And especially saying YES to more things and being a bit more open and positive :)
For now that's all I can think of but if you guys have any other ones you're going to try to stick to through out this lovely month of January, please let me know down in the comments below :)

Okay dokie so this is all of this post and I see you guys in the New Year :D Hope You have a good one :)))) 

Love Loads,

23 December 2014

X-mas Top 12 Movies!

One of the greatest traditions, in my opinion, is definitely... Christmas Movies! And being a huge movieholic, trust me, it was though choosing my favourites! But here it is, I managed to make the top 12 :D Hope you enjoy :)

12. Elf
Okay, I do have to admit (please don't kill me for this), the first time I saw this movie- was this year. I know I'm terrible. But I loved it so much it had to make this list somehow :D

11. Baby's Day Out

This cutie stole my heart when I was still the same size as him and still steals it every year. This must mean something... 

10. Frozen

Let's make it clear... if someone hasn't seen this and in the worst case doesn't know what it is... I'm sorry but there's something wrong with you xD

9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Now, I'm not sure if this is really considered as a Christmas movie, but it does deal with the whole theme of Christmas a bit and I guess this is the only season when I actually watch it :P

8. How the Grinch stole Christmas

If you asked 3 years ago this would probably make it to the top of the list, however after so many times of watching on repeat, I'm  sorry but it does get a bit boring. However I loved this movie as a child and still do up to this day :)

7. Home Alone

This is a tradition! :D Christmas without Kevin is no Christmas at all! Ha, ha. <3

6. A Christmas Carol

This always scared me when I was younger, but everybody knows I'm always drawn to those things that give me nightmares, so thanks to this, Scrooge makes it to the top 6 on my list :D

5. Love Actually 

A classic all the way through. And that cast... :') *secretly wishes to be related to Liam Neeson* xD

4. New Year's Eve

This romance stole my heart last year.... well okay maybe it is all because of Zac Effron but hey don't judge :P

3. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

What's better than Home Alone? Yup, Home Alone 2! :D

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Definition of a girl: everything chocolate related = love <3

1. The Polar Express

Number 1 on my top list hits nothing else but of course.... The Polar Express! Honestly, I have no words to describe this movie. It gives me everything, every year; laugh, tears, adventure and mostly Christmas Spirit! :D

What are your favourite movies of this season? :D Let me know down in the comments :)

Love Loads,

Outfit from the High Street

I know it's probably is a bit too late for Christmas outfit shopping, but it's never too late to share some of my favourite picks from my favourite High Street stores that I think would look wonderful for a Christmas party/dinner or just as a wintery outfit  :)

H&M, outfit #2. (Rockin' , with a bit of class)

New Look, outfit #3. (Bit more edgy)

Top Shop, outfit #4. (simple and cute)

Which one is Your favourite? Or maybe You have another awesome outfit ready? :D Anyway, hope You have a Happy Christmas and a Fabulous New Year ^^

Love Loads,

Quick n' Simple: Wrapping Last Minute

Christmas is just literally around the corner and I can bet not all of You are as organised as I am in this season *Loughs Evilly*.

Haha, just kiddin’... I am terrible with everything lately and the truth is... the stack of presents in my wardrobe is begging to wrap itself for the past month. And taking under consideration that it is Christmas day in only 2 days, and the last thing that’s on my wish list this year is wandering around the town, finding shops that are actually still open and grabbing the last and worst pieces of wrapping equipment, I decided to go a bit lazy this year and use whatever I have to make the gifts look... well... a bit more descent under the Christmas tree.

Okay, so here I have 4 quick and terribly easy ways to pack your gifts and present ‘’last minute’’.

 1.The most common and basic way to pack a gift- that’s right, just wrap it. But thinking about it, I tried finding a way that would be out of the norm just to make it look a bit more interesting. (This would also work if you’re running out of wrapping paper or- like often happens in my case- only have ones that say ‘’Happy Birthday’’ or have Moshi Monsters on them. :P )
Anyways, the thing with this; you take a paper bag of any sort (preferably one colour) –it can be gotten in any discount store really- you cut the amount needed to wrap your gift, and then it’s all up to you if you’re going to decorate it and/or use sticky letters for the name.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2Here We have a ‘’Home-made’’/ ‘’DIY ‘’ gift hamper. So basically all you need is a basket (this can be any size you like and can be gotten in pretty much every home -ware store), a decorative paper or just crepe paper in a festive colour, to put at the bottom. Then you fill it with all the goodies you decide to buy/make (I always think a candle is an essential. Not only does it make it look a whole lot better, but also ... who doesn’t love candles?!). When you have all that done, to make it a bit more Christmassy, stick in a small Christmas decoration,  a self-made card, and decorate the handle with a simple ribbon or again a Christmas decoration e.g. snowflakes,  bells, tiny lights etc.


 3. Again something very famous; simple bag. But the idea to make it a bit more attracting is to cover it up with decorating paper, attach a card, and stick  a bit of ribbon. This way, it won’t be that old, boring looking bag again.

                                                                                                                                       4.        Have an oddly shaped present? Yeah, I bet that mug you got your dad 5th year in a row still gives you trouble wrapping up. No worry.... school has actually thought me something this year. To make it far more simple, take a shoe box (if you don’t have one at home just ask at a shoe shop or if you have any other cardboard box it’ll do), wrap it in paper (here you have a choice- you can wrap it all–in-one or leave the lid separately. If you choose the all-in-one then you would have to do it after the gift has been put inside, if you’re doing the two parts separately, you can wrap them up first and then put the gift in as you will have the lid to close and open it whenever you want.) After that you’re just left with decorating or leaving it how it is.

5.       Right, so the last one isn’t really a packing technique, these are just 3 tips what to do if you’re lacking in decorations and there is absolutely no way you’re going to be going to town.

·         No name tags? Take some old Christmas cards (or new ones, whatever you like); cut them in half leaving the front facing upwards. Write whoever it is to on the card, stick it onto the present and optionally place a small string of ribbon as well.


·         Another way would be to take some sticky letters (as I did earlier) and obviously just stick them on the finished gift.

·         Can’t find ribbon anywhere? Don’t worry, party serpentines do just as good and if you have none... take some colourful paper, cut  lots of very thin straps, and using scissors curl them. Nothing easier.

And that is all I can tell you about wrapping, hope it have helped, and have a Great & Wonderful Christmas! ^^

Love Loads,


06 December 2014

Magic in a Card ^^

We found these sweethearts in Tesco today. Aren't they the cutest cards ever? I mean look at the envelopes! :o

The question is.... who is going to be so lucky to receive one? :)

Love Loads,

P.s. who here has ''Bloglovin'' ? ^^

04 December 2014

Winter Inspired Nails

Heya everyone!

This season is my favourite for creative nail art, and I've been on a haunt for simple and pretty ideas for days now. Well, here's what I found and love.

Re-creating these will be a challenge but I'll try to do my best :D

Got any more creative, winter ideas? I'd love to see what they are :)

Love Loads,

03 December 2014

Christmas/Winter Favourites

Heyya, everyone!!

It is officially the month of December and we are legally allowed to talk about Christmas from now on! Yay :D

Yes, in the beginning this was supposed to be just another Monthly Favourites, but then I thought...hey! After all it's the month of Christmas tress, fireplace-movie nights, hot chocolates and over sized hoodies! It deserves something more special.

But besides beanies, navy gloves (ultimate fave colour <3 ^^) and so many various scarves to add sole to my daily, frosty outfits, there are tones of other things I enjoy about this season.

1. Hot Chocolate & Granny's Traditional Homemade Ginger-Breads...
If true love exists, this is the only definition <3

2. Blankets, Fluffy Socks and Warm Night Boots.
We all have to admit this can only mean one thing.... cuddle time! ^^

3. Christmas-scented Candles.
Cinnamon, candy cane, Christmas tree.... that's all recalling back to Christmas! Currently I'm keeping an eye out for the Cinnamon Appleberry Yankee Candle <3

3. Nail Polishes and Lip Glosses.
Everything changes and so does the make-up/ accessories choice. In this season I tend to go for dull pinks and dark beige/chocolate lip glosses and obviously, cherry & gold nail polishes with touches of white, black and sparkling green :)

Love Loads,