03 December 2014

Christmas/Winter Favourites

Heyya, everyone!!

It is officially the month of December and we are legally allowed to talk about Christmas from now on! Yay :D

Yes, in the beginning this was supposed to be just another Monthly Favourites, but then I thought...hey! After all it's the month of Christmas tress, fireplace-movie nights, hot chocolates and over sized hoodies! It deserves something more special.

But besides beanies, navy gloves (ultimate fave colour <3 ^^) and so many various scarves to add sole to my daily, frosty outfits, there are tones of other things I enjoy about this season.

1. Hot Chocolate & Granny's Traditional Homemade Ginger-Breads...
If true love exists, this is the only definition <3

2. Blankets, Fluffy Socks and Warm Night Boots.
We all have to admit this can only mean one thing.... cuddle time! ^^

3. Christmas-scented Candles.
Cinnamon, candy cane, Christmas tree.... that's all recalling back to Christmas! Currently I'm keeping an eye out for the Cinnamon Appleberry Yankee Candle <3

3. Nail Polishes and Lip Glosses.
Everything changes and so does the make-up/ accessories choice. In this season I tend to go for dull pinks and dark beige/chocolate lip glosses and obviously, cherry & gold nail polishes with touches of white, black and sparkling green :)

Love Loads,

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