11 October 2014

Ditching School & Pointless Shopping

Heya guys,

This Thursday was...extraordinary.

My friend and I both decided it was a good idea to take a teeny weeny break from school. So basically, we went ditching. Or in actual fact she went ditching, and I was there just to accompany her (my parents knew I will be staying home although they thought I will spend this free time packing my bedroom as we are moving soon). 

Everything was great, we had great fun wandering around the town and looking at all the Halloween stuff, but then suddenly something went wrong and we got caught by my friend's mom who was on her break. From there everything kind of  crashed; she had to go home and I was left alone in town. Just a little tip, if you ever expect on ditching, make sure you have a good enough plan in your head so you don't get busted as we did.

So because I still had a small shopping list on my head, I called one of my other friends who had a day off as his class went for a school trip.

And all the fun started here I guess.

Because my birthday is very close to Halloween (November 3rd), I usually throw my b-day party on the day of Halloween and that's one of the reasons why I love it so much.

I bought few things here and there, the most expensive one costing 7 euro and most of them might seem unnecessary, but in fact, I really badly need them :)

Plain black and Halloween balloons.
★ Fake blood.
★ Fake nails.
★ Fake Lashes.
★Birthday Candles.
★ W7 purple lipstick.
★Rimmel Lasting Finish Kiss&Stay Lip Gloss in Cherry Blossom 
★TRESemme  Volume & Body Conditioner 
★Plain Black Tights 
★Loom Bands ( just to point out; I don't actually make bracelets of of them... it so happened that I was stuck for clear elastics and surprisingly couldn't find them anywhere. I got these and hopefully they will work the same way in my hair)

Yes, this is it. I know... totally pointless.

But that's how my week went so how about yours?

Love Loads,



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