30 May 2015

May Fave- Product of the month

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator


Hello peeps,
So I've decided that instead of doing monthly favourites every once in a while, I'm going to do ''The Product of the Month'' at the end of each month or so. I just realized this will be a lot shorter and it will prevent me from continues rambling and therefore kind of more interesting hopefully :) (But do let me know what you think)

Okay, so this month (and the previous two also) I have been absolutely loving the No7 Exfoliate TO DEATH! I cannot even describe in words, the love I have for this face care product. 

The label reads- Normal/ Dry Reveals smoother, brighter looking skin. Hypo-allergenic.

My story with this is almost like with every other beauty product; my mom bought it first. And when I ran out of my own face scrub, I was in desperate need for one. 

At the beginning I was however slightly reluctant as that Normal/Dry skin type didn't quite satisfy me (basically if it doesn't read dry/very dry or sensitive I'm very opposed) but already after the first use I was pleasantly surprised not only by the hydration but also effectiveness!

I find that because of its creamy texture and tiny, scares pink particles it is so gentle on your skin at the same time removing all the dead cells and giving it a glowing and radiant look. I tend to use it once a week focusing mainly on my t-zone and I have to say that after washing my face in the evening, my skin is so hydrated and clear the following morning I reduce the amount of make-up to minimum,

It does not cause any itchiness, redness or the so common in my case; ''snake peeling''. It doesn't really have a strong scent, basically just a natural creamy fragrance which is obviously good (even though it apparently does contain a scares amount of perfume according to the ingredient list). It's a pretty good value for money and I'd definitely recommend it.

I have also noticed that because it removes the excessive oil on my skin without over drying I tend to get a lot less break outs and I'm just totally mad about it in general.

You can simply click here to check it out online and yeah, that's my May Fave basically :D

If you have previously used it let me know down in the comments what you thought of it? And make sure to list your favourites as I be more than thrilled to check them out :D


28 May 2015

Can't wait to wear- simple summer #5

Hello peeps,
Once again here I have one of my easy peasy outfits I'll wear for the summer :)

Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace and Top: Primark
Bracelet: Cropp 

If I'm being honest, this is my go-to outfit whenever weather allows! It's just so casual and basic I love it on daily basis :)


26 May 2015

Cute Stationery + New Novels ^^

Hello peeps,
So I've been wondering... do any of you find that pretty and cute school and office stationery make the whole study/work aspect a lot more pleasant? Basically, I recently was in desperate need of some folders to sort out bits and pieces on my notes etc. I was thrilled when I noticed they don't only have plain and boring ones at Tesco's and found these sweeties (is my excitement towards cardboard rectangles slightly freakish? :P) Such a nice surprise hehe :) 

Obviously I was also dragged into the book isle by my betraying brain which clearly doesn't care if I spend too much. 

So I got two books; Invisible by James Patterson and The Doll's House by M.J. Arlidge.
I have previously read a series by J.P and l-o-v-e-d it! Both of these are of crime/dark mystery genre and I'm so freaking excited to read them :D I'll make sure to write a review whenever I'm done :)

How are you keeping? Any recent ''exciting'' purchases? :D


24 May 2015

Summer Nail Madness

Hello peeps.
As I'm sure you realize; summer is approaching big time! And that only means one thing for nail -artists; creativity release. Soon we'll all be seeing the flowers, dots, and other awesome creations on a single, tiny nail. Too bad we suck at doing them ourselves (well at least I do). 

If, like me, you qualify to the group of girls who can be easily found by the ''nail-stickers and simple to use plastic, nail imitations '' counter, then I'm sure you'll love to hear that all-one-colour nails are still accepted. It's just the matter of suitable picks.

So the gorgeous nail polishes that I choose this summer are:

-The Eden BC, pastel collection in mint, light and dark purple and soft grass.
-Barry M, limited edition, fluorescent green. 
- Essence light green (looks yellow on the nail)
-Clair's light jeans blue
-Bourjois Paris  gel blue
-Top Shop's yellow

Some I've had in my nail polish box for ages and some I got only recently but I'm so excited to use all of them soon! 

Please, please let me know if you tried an amazing nail polish that you'd recommend because I'll definitely be interested to check it out :D 


23 May 2015

Quick Update, current read + music favourite

Hello peeps,
Didn't want to break my every-second day routine just because it took me ages to sort my study notes and make myself a bit more organised (this weekend is going to be hardcore, study-wise) and so I decided to post very quickly despite my "going-to die-if-I-don't-shut-my-eyes-in-a-minute" mood. 

Quick update on my revision: it absolutely sucks but I'm keeping positive :D exams start Wednesday week and I have entire four days of block revision ahead of me.... that summer time feels so close.

In terms of the current book, I'm reading Simon Beckett's 'Chemistry of death' and I love it! It's a total crime with forensic science included- perfecto!

Also on my play list "King", "Runaway", "Haunted" and "See you again" are on replay! ♥♥♥

How are you all keeping? Any exciting news?

Proper post coming Sunday :)


20 May 2015

Can't wait to wear- Simple Summer #4

Hello peeps ^-^
How are you doing? 

Here I have another super casual, super simple, classic outfit that's just the type you throw on when you literally have nothing to wear.

The shirt is from Pull&Bear - totally comfy and perfectly loose for hot summer days.

Leggins are just plain black from Primark, and the necklace is also Primark :)

Definitely my go-to summer outfit and an essential to any wardrobe. Let me know down in the comments what yours is and what is it about summer that you can't wait for! ^^ ( me is definately long evenings in the garden ♥♥♥


18 May 2015

Can't wait to wear- simple summer outfit #3

I'm thinking of this as a slightly bit more formal wear- perhaps some garden party? 

The dress I got ages ago in Forever 21 and I'm absolutely mad about its subtle floral print and cute bow cut on the back.

The salmon-orange jacket will do me in the cooler evenings, and I also bought this forever ago in New Look.

The bracelets I received as a birthday gift from my BFF and the rosy earrings are from Primark :) 


16 May 2015

Girl of Nightmares: Book Review

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake 

No. of pages: 378
Genre: Teen Fiction/ Horror
Main character(s): Cas Lowood

Intro: Girl of Nightmares is a sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood, first published in 2012. Even though the ending leaves a dedicated human-ghost- relationship devotee in deep longing for more, there is no actual news that there will be a 3rd part. However, there are hopes and plans for the first book to be developed into a movie but no official date has been yet issued...boo hoo hoo.

Brief Summary: After Anna sacrificed herself to save Cas's life, everyone advised him to move on. But how can he move on when haunting visions of her appear on every step? Anna is trapped in hell- tortured and harmed and Cas cannot live with the thought of her being tormented even after her death, He doesn't know why she didn't rest in peace, but he knows he's got to save her- get her out. The task however seems to be harder done than said. Who will try to stop him? And what secrets are held in the athame- his weapon that sends dead to the other side?

''Just your average boy-meets-girl, girl-gets-sucked-into-hell story''- ref. from blurb.

Likes: -When referring to both parts of the story I have to say that I really appreciated the fact it was not just another typical romance-based plot. Yes, I am mad about those but keeping a balance between love and action is really hard to find- especially in teenage books! And therefore I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out too be an exciting story line without all the excessive, over-sweetened romantic pieces.

-General idea. I liked the plot- a lot I would say. I do consider a story about a boy who kills ghosts an original enough. It was interesting and definitely inspiring.

-The ending. Those who read it will get it. But basically, it is one of those endings you would love to change but on the other hand, you love them to death!

Dislikes:  -The characters: as much as I love realistic characters, there is a difference between typical people and exaggerated stereotypes. I think here the author went back to the traditional cliche of school-aged teenagers: a muscular, brave and tough main character, the sweet and pretty, blond bee-hive queen, glass-wearing, thin nerd (who also happens to be a witch), a loving mother, and a sarcastic, British ''Lara-Croft-type-of-girl''. I just found it so ''too-perfected'', it was as if I could almost predict the types of characters before I even got 1/4 through the book. It surly didn't add anything new to the plot and was simply... plain.

- Boring beginning. I do understand that books need time (preferably 50 pages) to get the reader pulled in. But in my opinion a good book begins and ends with climax, Here, it took around 150 pages for me to finally enjoy my free time with a novel in hand. The climax came later on but if I was to be totally honest I would argue with the fact there was some climax at all. I need those cliffhangers...please!!!

-Lack of reality. I figured a long time ago that there are two types of books in industry: fantasy who supply no realistically at all, or fantasy that suck. To be honest I'm undecided on which one is worse. I mean yes, when we read a fantasy all we can think about is getting away to a different world and creating a new, impossible surrounding... but I do like to have some reality in it whatsoever (I still question why Suzanne Collins managed to send her characters into a filmed, murdering games for two weeks and not think about details such as going to the toilet!) Girl of nightmares was too simple, I think.

-Lack of horror. Despite the fact the book is described as ''horror'' on book-shop shelves, has a label ''not for younger readers'' and gets comments such as ''Stephen King ought to start looking over his shoulder'', all on one cover...it's not scary! The person who wrote that statement has either never read a piece of Stephan King, or he suddenly got his middle age crisis and created a literacy nightmare! Girl of nightmares is far from any works published by King- just to get it out there. If I was eight, reading this book I probably would get some creeps up my spine, but being 15 and reading those-even graphic enough- scripts, raises no emotion in me at all, whatsoever. Perhaps I'm just desensitized to these kind of plots but I truly believe this should not be a horror rated book.

Final note: As you probably figured, a bit more on the criticizing side this time- and I won't lie- it was not one of my favourites. Was it bad? No. Would I go and see the movie? Hell yeah. Would I rate it as must-read-before-die? Definitely not. But thank you Kendare Blake for sharing a piece of your imagination with us.

 My overall story rate: 4/10
My overall cover rate: 7/10
Recommend For: 10-12 year olds.


14 May 2015

Can't wait to wear- simple summer outfit #2

Outfit no.2 is by far one of the most sporty/comfy outfits I prepared. 

The baby blue vest top, and navy shorts with gold details are both from a polish high street brand Cropp, the black low sneakers are from Primark and the necklace is from Clair's :)

I'll probably wear this on one of the hotter days during summer when I'll be travelling either by car or bus and pair it with my River Island, long strap navy bag.

12 May 2015

Can't wait to wear- simple summer outfit #1

Summer's just around the corner and one of the things I really think about is: what will I wear.

I don't necessarily want to be going out and buying new stuff when I have some I haven't worn at all yet! I searched through my wardrobe, sorted few things out and came up with a number of outfits I really can't wait to wear and also decided to share them here just to give you some simple inspiration perhaps :)

This first outfit is really plain and simple. The dress is from H&M, the necklace is Dorothy Perkins and the belt and jacket are so old I actually don't know where they're from.

I just think this will be lovely to wear on a sunny day out in town. I'll probably pair it up with some white, lace keds and a long strap handbag. 


04 May 2015

How To: Study (My 10 tips to a successful revision)

I'm sorry to say, but it has come to ''this'' time of the year again. And we all know what that means...  Truth is, no matter what exam  you're doing, whether one that might influence your future or just a simple end-of-year assessment, there always comes a time when we struggle with the revision (if we attempt to struggle at all!) But no worries... I've my J.C in five weeks and instead of studying I'm writing this... to help you all (now that's a sacrifice! ....just kiddin' of course).

1. Get to point
If you really aim on getting good grades or just simply passing, there is no time for excuses. It's hard to get motivated but once you do, it gets easier. Remember to spend at least 30 minutes each night revising something. After few days this will all become a routine and you'll be able to get to it automatically. You then can increase the length and amount you study, but don't overload yourself!

2. Organize your mind (and desk)
Making a study plan and keeping record of what you did and didn't go over will not only improve efficiency of your work done but also motivate into action. Hang self-made posters around the room of your work to keep on track. Always have your study area clean and organised to prevent any distractions. Beware though, it's easy to make a plan, it's worse sticking to it.

3. Figure out your style
Knowing what type of a learner you are will improve your study big time! There's basically 4 categories (or styles); visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. Each of those has different methods of remembering and learning things. Click here to figure out which group you belong to and what your best way to study will be. (Personally, I qualify myself into visual and tactile. I like to read over chapters in the book, then change what I have learned into my own words, repeat few times in my head and finally jot down in form of short notes I'll be able to recognize.)

4. Don't be a rag doll
Ever feel like collapsing after a certain period of study? That's probably because you overload yourself and study in a place your mind relates to as something ''else''. If you tend to study in your room, your brain is more likely going to associate the space with sleep- that's why you'll feel tired whenever you'll attempt to study. To ''train'' your brain otherwise, you can use simple hacks to basically trick it. Turn on your lamp or open your window whenever you study. Turn it off/ close when your resting- this way your body will figure when it's time to learn and when to sleep etc.
   Also, try to follow a study-break-study-break routine. I like to study for 3 hours, taking a 5 minute break every 20 minutes. In this time I do things like getting refreshments, gathering my things or reading. It allows you to rest and relax and be able to focus more.

5. Forget the calories!  
I don't know how it is with you, but I always find myself more concentrated on a full stomach. Prepare plenty of snacks and drinks before you start revising. Eat during your breaks and always stay hydrated to prevent headaches and distractions. Healthy foods are the key but don't eliminate all the sugars- they do give some energy after all!

6. Switch off
Yes everything! Phone, tablet, laptop, iPod... Don't be getting distracted. Announce to everyone ''I'm taking 3 hours out. Do not disturb.'' Get off that social media! And if deep down you know you should be studying right now.... then go!!

7. Look back, predict, communicate 
Being able to look at questions that came up on previous years or once that tend to come up frequently and using that as your basis is a life saver! If you don't have access to past examinations try talking to your teachers or older friends. This might give you a gist of prediction about this years questions and topics that may come up but don't rely just on that!

8. Remember about life
Don't lock yourself in clustered rooms for hours. Get enough sleep, exercise, eat, go out with friends and live as normal. On an odd day out this is essential. For example, donate your Sundays and Wednesdays for some ''none-study-time''. Believe me it will only do good!

9. Do it for yourself 
Never live with the attitude that studying sucks because teachers and parents expect you to do it. Studying is not for anyone but you. Depending on your aspirations and ambitions you decide what to do with the course. If passing an exam makes you proud then work for it! However,remember that the piece of paper that will arrive with few letters on them doesn't prove anything. Learn for your own knowledge and satisfaction...after all that's all that counts.

10. Don't worry
Don't freak out, worry and stress- it won't changed anything and certainly won't help. Relax, take it easy, step by step. It's not the end of the world if you fail. There's so many options for you out there and it doesn't matter if you pass or not. Always do your best to then say ''I did the best I could''. Life doesn't end here. Be positive and just chill. Your not the only one stuck with this ''problem''.

Before the actual exam:
-Sleep, sleep and even more sleep.
- Meditate
- Go for a walk/ jog
- Don't repeat ''I'm going to fail''
- Eat some veg/fruit
- Look quickly through your short notes
- Focus, concentrate & attempt EVERY freaking thing
- Think of awesome plans you have already made (e.g summer holidays)

Well, that's all I can really advise on revising. I followed these for my mock exams and I'm pretty happy with the results. Hope it helped at least one of you. Good luck and never give up! ^^

P.s has anyone been keeping up to date with the new royal baby news? What do you think of the name Charlotte? Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana- personally I think it's really cute and adorable but honestly I was hoping for something more original... what are your thoughts?


02 May 2015

Flowers in the Attic: Book Review

Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews

Number of pages: 423
Genre: Gothic horror, thriller, family saga, romance
Few main characters: Cathy, Chris, Carrie & Cory Dollanganger

Intro: The novel was first published back in November 1979 by an author who now I consider a family saga and macabre story phenomenon, Virginia Andrews. This lady is well known for many of her not-so-perfect family plots, full of secrets and forbidden love. Flowers in the Attic is the first ever novel I have read of hers, recommended by no other than my mom. It's a bestseller, worldwide. Many say it is in fact based on true-story, which I believe to be correct, however doing some research I found out the novel was actually based on fictionalized true-events (click here if you want to get deeper into this statement). The book and its following three sequels have been made into movies by Lifetime and there's also a 1987 film version of the first part. I've seen all of them and let me briefly just say that... the whole saga is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Brief Summary: Cathy, Chris, Carrie and Cory are four beautiful and flawless children, coming from that type of a family that is just considered perfect. Unfortunately, one day their perfect lives are ruined when police arrives at their door with the information their father just died. Corrine, their scatterbrained mother is capable of only one thing; being pretty. Forced by the circumstances she drives the children away to Foxworth Hall; a rich mansion owned by her parents from whom she ran away years earlier. That's when the horror starts; as Corrine tries to figure out what to do next, the children are kept hidden and imprisoned in an attic. Soon their fantasies of a luxurious lifestyle they were promised change into a battle, a battle to survive. Will they ever feel the sunshine again?

Likes: This is just the type of book that is hard not to love. Especially in those moment of true tension as we head towards the end. Described in one word, the plot is just creepy. Throughout the entire time of me reading it, the atmosphere was just eerie, full of mystery and anticipation of what's going to happen; how's it going to end? It really shows a different side of how majority of people interpret the words such as ''mother'' or ''love''. It's not only unbelievable but shocking! And despite everything being set in one cramped, attic bedroom, I feel like it is so well written it could never be described as boring. I'm not a huge fan of non-fantasy stories, but this one... j'adore!

Dislikes: First thing that came to my mind when I opened the first page.... ''why is this writing so small!?'' I'm just this kind of person that no matter how interesting a book will be, I'll always hate tiny letters. Honestly I'd rather for the book to be the thickness of a wall than for the writing to be miniature. It just makes the lecture drag on longer and I lose the sense of understanding or paying attention.
 I'd also say that in the first 100 pages, the plot was not very gripping. I much preferred when there was some action happening and not just a rambling of a 12 year old girl on and on again. However, this could probably be explained by the fact that I have seen the movie before hand which is VERY similar to the book. Maybe just minor changes but other than that it's almost alike so I guess that kind of ruined it for me.

But overall, very enjoyable and memorable. I actually hope on using it as the basis of my answer in the fiction section of my English exam that's coming up in June. Definitely worth recommendation, I really liked it... was it the best I read? No, but it was something that would have to find it's way to my must reads.

My overall story rate: 8/10
My overall cover rate: 9/10