24 May 2015

Summer Nail Madness

Hello peeps.
As I'm sure you realize; summer is approaching big time! And that only means one thing for nail -artists; creativity release. Soon we'll all be seeing the flowers, dots, and other awesome creations on a single, tiny nail. Too bad we suck at doing them ourselves (well at least I do). 

If, like me, you qualify to the group of girls who can be easily found by the ''nail-stickers and simple to use plastic, nail imitations '' counter, then I'm sure you'll love to hear that all-one-colour nails are still accepted. It's just the matter of suitable picks.

So the gorgeous nail polishes that I choose this summer are:

-The Eden BC, pastel collection in mint, light and dark purple and soft grass.
-Barry M, limited edition, fluorescent green. 
- Essence light green (looks yellow on the nail)
-Clair's light jeans blue
-Bourjois Paris  gel blue
-Top Shop's yellow

Some I've had in my nail polish box for ages and some I got only recently but I'm so excited to use all of them soon! 

Please, please let me know if you tried an amazing nail polish that you'd recommend because I'll definitely be interested to check it out :D 


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