31 July 2014

5 Big Make-up Mistakes

Hey everyone!
So here I have a new post for you, with the list of 5 major make-up mistakes, frequently made by young girls and some tips on how to avoid this often ''clown-look'' which sometimes you might not even realize you're wearing.

Hope you enjoy my post and make sure to keep an eye out on further updates :D

1. Strongly emphasizing both eyes and lips in one make-up.
Yes, we all have to agree that the model in the picture does not by any means look disturbingly ugly or anything like that, but this is because her make-up was obviously done by professionals and is worn for some specific purpose.
However, when girls decide to put on dark or intense eye shadows on their eyes along with a strong lipstick, I'm not going to hide, in most cases it  looks as if they have just left Cirque du Soleil where they worked as full-time clowns for way too long....
They look fake and simply, weird. This kind of look is perfectly suitable for events like, themed parties or special evening outgoings, but as of everyday make-up it is way too unnatural and way over the top!

Tips:  If you decide to wear an intense or vivid coloured lipstick, i.e red, cherry, dark pink etc. make sure that you go as simple on the eyes as possible. Try to restrict yourself to only an eyeliner and mascara, optionally a natural shade of eyeshadow.

  •  If it's the case you would rather like to wear strong eye make-up, like black smoky eyes, it will look much prettier and natural if your lipstick is in nude or light pink shade. This way you will avoid the ''clown-look'' and create an effect of a neat and tidy pretty girl :)

2. Wrongly matched foundation.
This is one of the most common made mistakes by women using foundation. No matter what age they are, I have seen that lots of ladies struggle with choosing the right colour of foundation. Usually it turns out to be a shade or two darker than their natural skin tone (really often because of the tan the face used to have), stretched down to the neck line to make the impression it suits. However you can't hide it always and sooner or later someone will notice the visible colour-difference on your skin, either by the bad finish at the back of the neck, or the skin-coloured stains on your clothes.
Girls, foundation is not there to make you look tan! Ladies, wrong shade of foundation will not make you're skin appear in better condition- it does the opposite!
One of my school teachers, always seems to have this problem. Sometimes I just really can't stand when she walks into the classroom with a light orange colour on her face, and a pale, white skin on her neck. It looks both ridiculous and sloppy. I keep on asking myself, she's a grown up adult, how come doesn't she know it's something that is very noticeable? Can she not see it or is she using up the foundation she got while still having a tan. Maybe she wants to save up or something but then on the other hand, most of the teachers drive a 2014 BMW and fly to warm countries practically every year but never mind....
 My point here is, if you're foundation is not matching you're natural skin tone, it really does look untidy and unpleasant to look at.

Tips: Always try out foundation on your skin before you buy it. This is the kind of product you do not carry out from the drug store before you are 100% certain it's ideal for you. Also make sure that you don't test it on your hand, but directly on your face. The skin tone on your hand may, and very often is, different from the one on your face. The best spot to test out for foundation is on the side of your nose as this is the place where it usually stands out the most.

  •  If you tried a foundation but you're not too sure if it's the right one, take up a shade darker or lighter and see if any of them looks better than the first one you put on.
  •  If non of the foundations matches your skin perfectly, try mixing two and see how this comes out.

  • This last point is basically my own personal opinion. Girls, if you are not in the need of using foundation, please don't. It does nothing good for your skin and may cause it to age up more quickly than normally. If you are desperate of using a base on your face, try out BB creams and concealers and please, please, please forget about all those ideas like ''my friends all wear foundation, I don't want to be worse'', or ''in order to get a boyfriend my skin has to be flawless''- this is all bullsh*t! You are perfect the way you are and don't try to change yourself and hide behind a fake mask. If I can live without using foundation, you can too :)

3. Drawing on eyebrows.
Some people do get very irritated when they see a girl walking down the street with a marker line across her forehead, but for me this is nothing but a good laugh :D
Even though I'm a girl, I cannot get why women do that! Shave off eyebrows and draw them back on.... I mean this is insane! Not only it looks fake but also it's one big thing of crap!

Young girls decide to tweeze off their brows way too much and the truth is, most of them are going to regret this in the future. To everyone out there reading this right now- if you know someone or if you yourself are one of those who like to go the ''fake'' way- believe me, this looks horrendous!! I do indeed have my own opinion about all those ladies with unreal eyebrows but I think I'm going to keep these thoughts for myself.
In the meantime....

Tips: If you have light eyebrows and would like to make them more visible, go for brow pencils and stick with outlining your brows the way they actually arrange themselves, not giving them some unnatural, weird shapes.

  •  If your eyebrows are dark but are not too thick and you don't really like that they just ''are'', also go for brow pencils but in the colour of your actual brows and make sure not to apply too much, otherwise they might stand out badly.
  •   If, on the other hand, your brows are dark, thick and everybody always compliments on how beautiful they are, do NOT destroy this look by shaving or drawing! Be proud of them!

  •  Eyebrows obviously have to be tweezed once in a while, just so they look neat, organized and not too hairy, however make sure to never go too far in this process. Tweeze only the inside of the eyebrow, never outside, and always stick to their natural shape :)

4.Faded lipstick and crayon outline.
This is mainly targeted to all lipstick lovers (yup, that's definitely not me).
It's not seen as often but I have noticed some cases in which women were going around with a red outline of their lips and nothing else. Imagine how that looked.
This happens basically because when girls decide to use lipstick, they also tend to outline their lips with the same coloured crayon. Now, if the crayon is of a better quality than the lipstick, which will probably going to fade away quicker, they are left with this odd lining on their mouth. They do not even realize when this happens and let's be honest, it does look unprofessional and oddly.

Tips: Try to pick out lipsticks and crayons of the same quality. This way you won't have to worry about fading lipstick.

  • Remember to always carry the lipstick you're currently wearing in your purse or handbag in order to be able of applying it on again once it goes off. A little mirror would be ideal as well.


5. Unremoved make-up.
Even though Emma still looks gorgeous in smudged make-up, be aware, this is not how you're going to look like if you leave your make-up on for the night!
Believe me, I have been through this a thousand of times. It was always either too late to bother or too little to care.
I always told myself, ''it's only a mascara, you can wipe it off in the morning.'' And so I did... for way too long....
I started noticing that way too often I woke up with these awful black bags underneath my eyes. It kept me wondering as I could be sure I hadn't stayed up that long to look so disgraceful. And then my mom stated that it was all because of my inaccurate removal of make-up. It was impossible to wipe it off, and extremely hard to cover up with concealer. I felt as if I would never get rid of it and be left with sleepy black eyes for the rest of my life. But what was enough was enough and I decided to take mom's notice under consideration. Each and every single night I removed my make-up as accurately as possible and always made sure there was nothing left on my eyes. Of course it did take some time for my black stains to be completely eliminated but since then , I have not seen any of these marks underneath my eyes. So if you don't want to end up as the ''sleepy queen'', you better make sure your make-up is all nicely removed for the night. And if you think this is still not very convincing, try thinking of all the harm your doing  to your skin....

Tips: If you know you're the kind of person that has problems with removing make-up in the evening, don't wear it! I don't mean if you're going somewhere, but if you're staying at home, certain you won't need any covering for the day, leave your face alone. Let it breath for this one day. This way you will both, care for your skin and save up time in the evenings.

  •  If you feel like there's no need in wearing much make-up, then don't! Stick to the basics to make it simple.
  • To make it easier for yourself, try picking up good quality make-up removals. They will remove make-up quicker and also be better for your skin than facial wipes. (The one I would recommend the most is Micellar cleansing water. This is perfect for all skin types and delicate for eyes and other sensitive areas of the face.)

So here it is all. But just to let you know, I am not by any means a beauty expert. Anything said here is totally  based on my own experience and if you do not agree with some of these words, that is fine. Everybody has their own opinion and maybe you are more educated in this topic than me and that's cool :)

Please let me know in the comments if there are other make-up mistakes you can think of :)

I will try my best to post every week from now on, so keep an eye out.

 Love Loads,


15 July 2014

Cyprus Vacation

So I just wanted to say huge thanks to my dad and his wife for this amazing Cyprus holiday J

I still think they were overdramatic with my luggage- 16kg bag with 5 pairs of shoes for a 7 days vacation  isn’t that bad! But the time was awesome and memories are wondrful :D

Check out the pictures below… 

Palm alley to the beach :)

How I see most of the world.... <3

Highway to hell :P

You can't see it here, but when we were landing in Pafos, every house in an estate had a private pool in the back garden- how awesome is that? :D

The highest point on Cyprus. This blue area in the back- yeah that's the sea :D The mountains actually have snow during winter and lots of people ski there... imagine how fascinating it must be riding down a mountain and staring at the people on the beaches sunbathing :D

Just a pic of my shadow in the sunset :)

The Aphrodite's rock. It's said that if you find a heart-shaped rock on that beach you will have a luck in love life....

...and here is were you look ;)

That was fun :')

Did you guys go anywhere special for your vacation? Or did you just stay at home and relaxed that whole year of school?
     Let me know in the comments below what you did or maybe some places you would love to visit (I know I have a whole list of these :)

Love Loads,