31 January 2016

Grand Mascara Showdown

Hello peeps,
You may or may not already know of my slight mascara addiction, and the collection I believe to be a bit exaggerated. But in a summary, the little beauty wands (with absolutely way too convincing packaging) are my heroin. Back in the day when I started blogging, one of the first posts was my mascara collection. Obviously it has changed a lot since that time and I've decided to redo this post, choosing my ultimate favorite and give you guys a run down of what's out there worth buying. 

29 January 2016

Reusing Glossy Boxes

Hello peeps,
I've been getting quite into DIY kind of spirits lately, finding this to be the absolute solution to de-stress and chillout on a weekend. Since my artistic skills are probably not a master degree worthy, I limit myself to the flow. Whatever comes out it comes out so I do whatever I wish on the moment. Having five cardboard boxes piled on my window sill for the past three months, was VERY disturbing. As a slight perfections, things out of order bug me to a point I bail on my Sylvia Plath assignment for English and dedicate free time to mess around with super glue; it's time to do something with empty containers.
So I took the opportunity to rearrange my room, make it tidy, neat and a bit more ''aesthetic''. What other way but to achieve this by ''stuffing'' bits and pieces into pretty, beauty boxes?

11 January 2016

Winter Make Up Bag

Hi peeps,
Long time no see and suddenly we're in 2016! This is not crazy- this is terrifying. Not to mention that blogging was definitely not on the top of my game recently, for which I solemnly apologize. But since it was Christmas, I think I'm excused. 

Since it is still winter and my favorite season, it's time for a bit of a make up bag sneak peak. As far as I recall, I never did a 'what's in my make up bag' post and they're certainly my most enjoyable to read, so I thought, why not?! 

Even though Ireland suffers a ''depressingly rainy, snow-free zone'' type of climate, it does not give an excuse to ditch on heavier make up during the winter. Quite frankly the only excuse it does give is for me to experiment with beauty goodies and give out myself to the pleasure of spending longer hours in front of the mirror. I am sixteen, make up is the last worry (and necessity!) on my head right now but it doesn't change the fact it still remains my all time fave hobby, which my make up bag clearly conveys. I like to keep it simple, fun and with just a pinch of edge.