20 June 2015

Do They Work?- DIY Lip Scrubs

Hello peeps!
Firstly, I apologize for not updating for so damn long! I've literally been so busy and my days have been crazy! Now that I'm on my holidays in Poland and my BFF is over we basically spend every minute of the day either shopping around the town or visiting the local zoo and other tourist attractions. I'm thinking doing a holiday post soon about my plans and things I've already done (including a summer haul!), but it's hard to predict when as we're off for the next two weeks in places with no wi-fi! Oops. 

But forgetting that, before my departure from Ireland I gave some of the popular DIY lip scrubs (most recipes via this site), a try and thought it would be fun to give you guys an honest review of what I thought.

1. Honey, brown sugar & olive oil
This one has been quite popular recently through social media, and I have actually tried it out twice. It has a very nice, liquid-y texture with makes as easy to apply as an lip gloss. The taste is quite strong but very sweet and nothing too gross really. I love how it wears and can stay on the lips for good twenty mins without chipping or seeping down.

2. Coffee (ground), coconut oil, sugar & honey 
It's consistency is very dry as the coconut oil hardens after melting (and it has to be melted before making!), which  does kind of make it though to apply and wear, however it works amazing when speaking of long time effect! And the coffee doesn't even dry the lips out as I firstly expected. I, personally loved the taste due to being a major coffee addict but it all goes to preferences.

3. Natural yogurt, milk & oats 
A definite for sensitive lips. Very nourishing and the yogurt frosts nicely on the lips which causes it to gently peel off with the rough, top layer of dead skin. However, wearing this was a nightmare! It's sticky, hard to apply and forces to keep mouth shut for entire duration of wearing, not to mention trying to mix the milk in with the oats (I ended heating it up in the microwave). But it still does taste as my breakfast :D

Best At;
Application + Wear: 1
Softness + Nourishment: 3
Long-time effect of soft lips:2
Taste: 2&3
Mixing & Making: 1
Ingredient availability at home: All

My Favourite: 2

If you're really looking for an effective one of these I recommend trying out the coffee mixture. Try adding more honey to make it more liquid-y. I loved making those and even more trying out various ingredients. A nice sleepover activity with the girls :) What do you think? Let me know when you give it a go. 


14 June 2015

Summer Fashion Wishlist

Hello peeps ^_^

Ugh, I'm feeling guilty for not posting for almost an entire week! 
I could partly blame it on the fact all my exams were cramped in from Monday to Friday (and are finally over-yay!) but I also got to admit, I was slightly taking the time off due to total lack of creativity! Sorry :(

But now I'm back, my flight to Poland is in just a matter of days and besides thinking ''how the hell am I going to shut that bag?'', the summer shopping list is also going on in my head. 

So, today I put a list of few thinks I hope on getting soon, or that I wish I could get. Basically, some pretty things I found online in my fave high street stores :)


4. H&M, Grey Bikini set, top €14.99, bottom €7.99

Okay, so that is it :) My favourite are probably the sandals. I mean, they're gorgeous, don't you think? Haha :D

Happy summer everyone!



07 June 2015

Those Yummy Mornings

Hello peeps,
and happy Sunday to you all! I don't know how you feel about this day of the week but me... I honestly hate it! Not only is it the day before Monday but also it seems like I always feel so tired and hopeless on this day.

Yet, today has been different. I forced myself out of bed at 9, pulled on some comfy sweatpants and wobbled my way to the kitchen to find a whole pack of fresh strawberries in the fridge. It couldn't have started better.

I think a good breakfast is the key to a successful day and so I told myself I won't be lazy today (and reach for the usual; milk and cereal) but make myself something yummy.

Simply, I grabbed some oatmeal, soaked them in hot water for 10 minutes, chopped up a handful of strawberries and coated everything with a pot of natural yogurt and some muesli. Easy, healthy and delicious! 

Now all there's left to do is to adore the beautiful sunshine Ireland was so keen on handing today and just relax for the remaining part of the day (my business and science revision can wait 'till later :)

I'd love to know what your perfect mornings are!


03 June 2015

In-flight Necessities

Hello peeps,
My summer flight takes off in literally just a matter of weeks and since I love the ''Carry-on Essentials'' type of posts, I thought it would be fun to make one my-self. Basically, a list of the general stuff I always carry on with me on board :)

*Warm hoodie + leather jacket
*Sweets & treats
*Documents and purse
*Tissue Paper
*My notepad + markers (being 15 and still doodling on flights and writing my own stories is my biggest hobby)
*Current Book (This case: Whisper by Isabel Abedi- I started yesterday and I'm  already so addicted to it it's imaginable!)
*My cable and earphone bag
*Make-up bag

I know that they always say; carbohydrates and more carbohydrates to give you energy. But long journeys are seriously my only excuse to snack on some jelly bears and dark chocolate (not that I gobble all of it in one go, of course!)

My cable bag speaks for itself; phone and laptop charger and my headphones & earphones. My headphones are the Aerial7 but unfortunately one of them stopped working recently and I'll be forced to get new once probably for Christmas. You can get them here however if you're interested :)

Compared to my handbag, my on flight make-up bag is simple and limited to minimum. Some hand cream, lip balm, travel sized hairbrush and small deodorant do the job.  

And that's how it looks when I'm packed (treats at the top obviously :D) Please don't ask where my suitcase is from because honestly I have no idea. I don't even remember when I got it so it's obviously pretty old :P 

Okay guys, I'm off to watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars and get some sleep before tomorrow's Irish exam.

Goodnight ^^


02 June 2015

The Chemistry of Death - Book Review

Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett

Publisher: Bantam Books
Publication Date: 2006
No. of Pages: 332
Genre: Crime, mystery, adult fiction
Main Character: Dr. David Hunter
Setting: England, Norfolk.

Intro: I've never read any of Simon Beckett's works before and, as a matter of fact, an adult fiction novel either. Usually I was more attracted my young-adult as they were obviously quite more relatable basically of the pure fact the characters were closer to my age. But this still doesn't changed the fact I have actually enjoyed The Chemistry of Death.

It is one of books from the ''David Hunter'' series, filled with forensic science, crime and graphic scenes of dead bodies- everything I love best :D (now you're going think I'm a psycho... oops)

Brief Summary:  After a tragic accident and the death of his wife and daughter, Dr. David Hunter takes refuge in an isolated and peaceful Manham. Spending three years undercover as a local doctor, his past comes to life when a corpse is found, massacred in the middle of the woods. Detective Mackenzie tries to convince the forensic scientist to help out with the case. In the beginning David refuses to take any actions associated with his old life but soon enough the urge gets him. And once you get involved there's no return. As more local women are being found dead around the area, Manham turns into full-time crime scene. Every one's a suspect; even Dr. Hunter.

Likes: It is very well written. Beckett uses first-person as the narrator and sticks to the past tense which is exactly what I love most. The language is simple despite the fact of it being slightly ''scientific'' at times. There's not too much detail but just enough to make the creepy atmosphere going and the novel has a very good pace overall.

Tension and plot twist. I have to admit that during the entire duration of me reading, the book never really felt as if it was going to bore me. There didn't have to be gun fights or a juicy romance forming just to keep me highly interested and I'm grateful for that.
 And of course, getting closer to the end, the tension got so high I genuinely felt like watching an ending of an awesome action movie. Obviously I predicted who the bad guy is about half-way through but then everything got so twisted that I was given the impression I was wrong all this time but then actually I wasn't and oh gosh so confusing you just gotta read it :D

Dislikes: Lack of relatability? As I've previously mentioned, the characters are around their 30s so it was quite hard for me, a 15 year old, to kind of relate and stuff but I really think this is a minor reason as it didn't discourage me in reading whatsoever.

Too much promises. At the cover of the book we get the headline ''After just thirty seconds, your skin begins to crawl. After a minute, your heart is in your mouth.'' I really think this is way of an overstatement. A classic exaggeration to attract the reader, but personally from a bestseller I have to say I think I expected something more. The plot was really good and I've enjoyed it but all the ''creepy'' stuff weren't as ''skin crawling'' as I was being promised.

Final note: I suppose it would be just fair to say I have highly enjoyed it. I do believe it is a worth recommending crime novel, with some blood-curdling moments, but let's not take it too far. I'm really easily impressed by a lot of books... but to genuinely make me fall in love with them is a though challenge. I will definitely, however, reach for another of Beckett's works soon :)

Recommend for: Adults & Young Adults, 20+ with enjoyment to read descriptions of rotting corpses ;)

My overall rate: 5/10
My cover rate: 3/10