20 June 2015

Do They Work?- DIY Lip Scrubs

Hello peeps!
Firstly, I apologize for not updating for so damn long! I've literally been so busy and my days have been crazy! Now that I'm on my holidays in Poland and my BFF is over we basically spend every minute of the day either shopping around the town or visiting the local zoo and other tourist attractions. I'm thinking doing a holiday post soon about my plans and things I've already done (including a summer haul!), but it's hard to predict when as we're off for the next two weeks in places with no wi-fi! Oops. 

But forgetting that, before my departure from Ireland I gave some of the popular DIY lip scrubs (most recipes via this site), a try and thought it would be fun to give you guys an honest review of what I thought.

1. Honey, brown sugar & olive oil
This one has been quite popular recently through social media, and I have actually tried it out twice. It has a very nice, liquid-y texture with makes as easy to apply as an lip gloss. The taste is quite strong but very sweet and nothing too gross really. I love how it wears and can stay on the lips for good twenty mins without chipping or seeping down.

2. Coffee (ground), coconut oil, sugar & honey 
It's consistency is very dry as the coconut oil hardens after melting (and it has to be melted before making!), which  does kind of make it though to apply and wear, however it works amazing when speaking of long time effect! And the coffee doesn't even dry the lips out as I firstly expected. I, personally loved the taste due to being a major coffee addict but it all goes to preferences.

3. Natural yogurt, milk & oats 
A definite for sensitive lips. Very nourishing and the yogurt frosts nicely on the lips which causes it to gently peel off with the rough, top layer of dead skin. However, wearing this was a nightmare! It's sticky, hard to apply and forces to keep mouth shut for entire duration of wearing, not to mention trying to mix the milk in with the oats (I ended heating it up in the microwave). But it still does taste as my breakfast :D

Best At;
Application + Wear: 1
Softness + Nourishment: 3
Long-time effect of soft lips:2
Taste: 2&3
Mixing & Making: 1
Ingredient availability at home: All

My Favourite: 2

If you're really looking for an effective one of these I recommend trying out the coffee mixture. Try adding more honey to make it more liquid-y. I loved making those and even more trying out various ingredients. A nice sleepover activity with the girls :) What do you think? Let me know when you give it a go. 


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