31 July 2015

July Fave- Product of the Month

    Timotei Dream Volume Shampoo

Hello peeps.
I feel kind of guilty for not doing one of those last month but the truth is, I don't think I have been loving a beauty product so much it was worth sharing. I do this month, however.

To my own very surprise, July's favourite happened to be...a shampoo! The reason for my unexpected shock is because I don't think I've ever loved a shampoo before... (this doesn't sound weird, right?) Yes I have enjoyed using specific shampoos but they were never really fulfilled my expectations and more often were a disappointment.

The Timotei Dream Volume shampoo (with Jericho Rose) however, I used due to complete randomness. As you may know I have been more than a busy bee this holiday, travelling quite a lot, and my travel bag doesn't exactly scream ''I'm so empty, you'll fit your shower products no bother''. And so, I abandoned my own shower necessities to use whatever was available at whoever's place I was staying. As hair wash day came to a close, I found this cute, handy, pink bottle on my granny's bathroom shelf.

First impression: this smells quite nice. I mean, it isn't a choking sweet smell that occupies the entire room once you pop the bottle open, but it does have that pretty fruity accent to it.... and it has grapefruit! C'mon, of course I'd loved it from the first place! (In case you haven't read my post, back from April, I basically ramble on about how much I love grapefruit scented stuff)

From the start I really did love the packaging. It has a very handy, popping-kind-of clip at the top that just needs a little push to open (no nail damage done...yass). Besides that it won't come out unless squeezed (very handy with my ability to drop everything in the shower) and I mean look at that peachy pink tone! I seriously have moments I could eat away.

Anyway, getting to the damn most important point. The next morning, when my hair had completely dried, I was in a state of euphoria...okay maybe that's a bit exaggerated. But I did see the difference. For the first time in forever (there'll be music there'll be liiiiight- sorry I had to :P) my hair actually had some volume. And I don't mean it was all over the place, impossible to tame, but I noticed the strands separated out, leaving the impression of thicker hair. What satisfied me even further was that they weren't over dried, sticky or in possession of the ''unhealthy'' appearance. 

Yes of course it's not as if the shampoo is perfect. Some cons include the fact the scent doesn't stay on the hair or that the effect lasts for only around 24 hours. But I wasn't looking for a product that would make my hair look glowing, healthy and awesome smelling; I searched for one that would finally add some volume to my always straight and droopy strands, and am happy to have finally found one.

It has the pink grapefruit extract, 0% parabens and the bottle is Eco-friendly and can be recycled. The 400ml bottle will probably last me around two to three months and it costs only like 3euro? Suits me.

And that is all that I can say about it. If like me you're struggling to create some volume to your hair I do recommend to check this out. Or if you have previously used it do let me know what the result was like for you and what did you think?

I'm also super interested to find out your favourites from July so leave a comment down below and I'll write to you soon :)


12 July 2015

21 things to do when there's nothing to do

Hellooo peeps,
summer's here, party time, camping with the squad and lots of shopping! Nah, everyone is gone, you start to realize your home town is a total dead end and your family doesn't consider on going to some tropical holidays soon. In other words ''kill me before I die'' kind of boredom.  

No worries though, I've been through that....a lot! So please feel free to take any inspiration desired from this list of 21 super awesome (I think) ideas, that'll spice up those summer days :)

1. Start a blog
That's exactly what I did whole year ago. It's super fun way to get creative and write about absolutely anything you wish! And also very time consuming :)

2. Write a story
I don't mean a bestselling, super thrilling romance novel, but just something exciting that you feel you would enjoy reading. Why not even publish it online?

Cookies, muffins, cakes and macaroons don't have to be bought in bakeries. Start your own, and enjoy sweet goodies each day :)

4. Drink up!
I mean who doesn't enjoy iced tea and coffee during summer? And do you even realize how many different recipes and ideas there are for them? Go ahead,feel free to fill your fridge from top to bottom :D

5. Take up a sport
What's better than coming back to school relaxed and fit! There's so many options; swim, jog, dance, cycle, go to the gym or even do some gymnastics! Some even consider shopping a sport *points at myself with a wide grin* 

6. Make a movie
Haul video? Or maybe something more of a Cannes Festival quality? If you've got a camera and an idea there's nothing holding you back!

7. Read
What's better than sunbathing with a good novel in hands? Or for the book haters... I recommend the Harry Potter audio-book series. No more to add here.

8. DIY photo album
Those thousands of photos on your computer and phone need to be printed! Buy a scrap book, some markers, decorations and you're good to go.

9. Learn a language 
I think there's nothing better than being able to speak more than one language. And let's face it; schools don't do a great job on teaching them xD

10. Arrange a spa day!
Bubble baths, Lush, manicure, face masks and temporary hair dyes. When a better time to chillax than during summer?

11. Organize children's camp
Get those neighbors' kids, your few cousins and create them couple of days of fun activities and sport. Good way to learn how to be the leader, work as a team and finally be the authority!:)

12. Throw a movie marathon day
Popcorn, sweets and fizzy drinks are all legal on this day. Perhaps a movie playlist including Lilly Collins? <3

13. Invest in The Sims 
If you've ever played it and enjoyed it you know what I'm talking about. Beware: you might never switch off that PC :P

14. Become a photographer 
Grab a camera or your phone and get creative!

15. Take the small ones to cinema 
I mean, it would be kind of weird if I went to see Inside Out on my own :P

16. Buy a rat
Or a mouse or a turtle, because why not?. What a better way to become busy and responsible :D

17. Learn sewing skills and become a designer!
Fashion or interior, designing and creating are such a great pastime!

18. Come up with a dance mix
Why not be a choreographer for a day as well as a DJ and camera person? Maybe a music video is a way to go?

19. Decorate your bedroom
Make a project, and get going. DIY's, interior stores, eBay and garage sales will allow you to finally make that dream room.

20. Do a time capsule
If you haven't done one already, what are you waiting for? Forget your age, these things are always fun!

21. Plant a garden
Trees, flowers, fruit plants.... how good for the eco-system and your own personal time during summer? :)

08 July 2015

Good Morning Marilyn

Hello peeps,
when my dad first announced we'll visit Marilyn Monroe's photo exhibition that's currently taking place in the city, my first thought was; ''okay, sure we've nothing better to do''. My ''doesn't make me any difference, probably won't be as impressive'' attitude was quenched the minute we stepped through the door frame.

Never, in my life, had a museum-styled exhibition, made such of an impression on me. Based in one and a half room only, not only her photographs can be admired but also the tone of other works by the one and only photographer, Milton Greene, taking for example actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda. 

I know only a little about the Hollywood's absolute movie icon, but despite my quite average knowledge about her life, the experience of this visit have been so extraordinarily inspiring I can't really put the impact it have made in words.

I, myself, am a huge fan of everything movie and acting related that this was just an amazing day.  The only regret was.... why did I forget the camera?

06 July 2015


Hello peeps,
It's been a good while now since I decided to do something new this summer and at the same time something of a worthy cause. The minute I heard about the the polish charity action ''rakn'roll'' (which literally translates as ''cancer n' roll'') I had no doubt whatsoever that my desire for new hairstyle isn't only going to consist of chopping off the ends and getting few highlights.  

The aim of this action is to cut at least 25cm length of your own hair and donate to the organisation to transform into wigs for girls and women suffering from cancer, that undertook chemo treatment. 

From social media I also know this type of work has been massively taking place all over the US and I was so happy to find out I was also given the opportunity to do it whilst on my holiday.

A lot of family members and friends have been asking numerous times ''are you sure you won't regret it?'' and frankly my reply was always the same ''how can I regret doing something for others? My own hair will grow back eventually, I don't need it.''

It's true to say my hands were a bit shaky in the first minute on the salon chair. But the moment I remembered those six small plaits are going to land in the hands of a girl who has been through a lot in her life, and hopefully put a smile on her face, all the worry washed away. 

I'm writing about this because I feel like it's something worth spreading. Something all of us could do (if able) or at least motivate others to do. This time it's not about having funds and donating in form of cash, this time, I personally believe it's bigger and greater. Why not make a change?

The effect (which I'm actually loving and am pleasantly surprised by!). 
Sorry for bad quality- had only my mobile on me.