31 July 2015

July Fave- Product of the Month

    Timotei Dream Volume Shampoo

Hello peeps.
I feel kind of guilty for not doing one of those last month but the truth is, I don't think I have been loving a beauty product so much it was worth sharing. I do this month, however.

To my own very surprise, July's favourite happened to be...a shampoo! The reason for my unexpected shock is because I don't think I've ever loved a shampoo before... (this doesn't sound weird, right?) Yes I have enjoyed using specific shampoos but they were never really fulfilled my expectations and more often were a disappointment.

The Timotei Dream Volume shampoo (with Jericho Rose) however, I used due to complete randomness. As you may know I have been more than a busy bee this holiday, travelling quite a lot, and my travel bag doesn't exactly scream ''I'm so empty, you'll fit your shower products no bother''. And so, I abandoned my own shower necessities to use whatever was available at whoever's place I was staying. As hair wash day came to a close, I found this cute, handy, pink bottle on my granny's bathroom shelf.

First impression: this smells quite nice. I mean, it isn't a choking sweet smell that occupies the entire room once you pop the bottle open, but it does have that pretty fruity accent to it.... and it has grapefruit! C'mon, of course I'd loved it from the first place! (In case you haven't read my post, back from April, I basically ramble on about how much I love grapefruit scented stuff)

From the start I really did love the packaging. It has a very handy, popping-kind-of clip at the top that just needs a little push to open (no nail damage done...yass). Besides that it won't come out unless squeezed (very handy with my ability to drop everything in the shower) and I mean look at that peachy pink tone! I seriously have moments I could eat away.

Anyway, getting to the damn most important point. The next morning, when my hair had completely dried, I was in a state of euphoria...okay maybe that's a bit exaggerated. But I did see the difference. For the first time in forever (there'll be music there'll be liiiiight- sorry I had to :P) my hair actually had some volume. And I don't mean it was all over the place, impossible to tame, but I noticed the strands separated out, leaving the impression of thicker hair. What satisfied me even further was that they weren't over dried, sticky or in possession of the ''unhealthy'' appearance. 

Yes of course it's not as if the shampoo is perfect. Some cons include the fact the scent doesn't stay on the hair or that the effect lasts for only around 24 hours. But I wasn't looking for a product that would make my hair look glowing, healthy and awesome smelling; I searched for one that would finally add some volume to my always straight and droopy strands, and am happy to have finally found one.

It has the pink grapefruit extract, 0% parabens and the bottle is Eco-friendly and can be recycled. The 400ml bottle will probably last me around two to three months and it costs only like 3euro? Suits me.

And that is all that I can say about it. If like me you're struggling to create some volume to your hair I do recommend to check this out. Or if you have previously used it do let me know what the result was like for you and what did you think?

I'm also super interested to find out your favourites from July so leave a comment down below and I'll write to you soon :)


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