03 August 2015

Mini, monthly book haul

Hello peeps,
one thing there's always space for on my shelves are definitely books. I can never have enough, even if my reading list extends beyond possible to find time for within the school year. And since I managed to save up some money I decided to spend them on some new novels to add to my collection.

As I'm currently in Poland I obviously purchased all of the above in Polish but am still more than excited to share them with you.

First of my buys is titled Margo, The Dangerous Island by Janusz Onufrowicz  that is in fact a Polish author. It has not been translated into English, which I personally think is a shame. I've already read down few chapters which I have been enjoying. It's a very light and easy read, full of action and sarcastic dialogues.

The plot is about a ten year old Margo who's sold by her parents and lands in a deserted castle under the watchful eye of a psychopath guardian Mona Many. She's basically one hell of a piece of work and tries the best she cans to escape.

I feel like the novel is mostly aimed for children but since I had nothing else to grab on whilst away on holiday I thought this would be nice adventurous read for the summer.

The second book translates to Autumn Rose from The Dark Heroine series by Abigail Gibbs. I have absolutely been mad about the first part ''Dinner with a vampire'' and wanted the sequel since it was released on January of the previous year. 

It is obviously a vampire story, but a one that I feel is actually something more original. When 17 year old Violet Lee is kidnapped by a group of blood suckers she enters a completely unknown world of extravagance, wealth and old fashioned parties. There is no escape and the passion she grows for the dangerous Kaspar Varn deepens with each encounter. 

I haven't started on the Autumn Rose yet but I really want to know how the story continues on and what will Gibbs surprise me with this time :)

Last but least, I have borrowed The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown from my step mother, who has recommended for me to read it so much, the first thing I did after returning home was taking it and sitting down to read. 

I've never seen the movie which made me even more encouraged to read it, especially because so many people have talked about it all around me and I never really thought of actually grabbing it as a lecture. It's a good book to read for everyone, but because I'm a HUGE crime/mystery/thriller lover it is absolutely fascinating and I can't step away from it.

I'd love to know what new novels you have purchased or have been enjoying recently and know what's worth giving a go out there :) Please leave me a comment down below and I'll write again soon.


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