24 April 2016

Angel by Thierry Mugler | Review

A scent recognized so well it could be a celebrity itself.

Me, I was first introduced to it by my mom, who more than enjoys smelling well herself, loves to purchase goodies that make me stand out as well. And so after a hard try and fail of receiving Angel for Christmas (my step dad concluded we've already spent too much...oops) the two of us sneaked him out whilst flying over the ocean and getting it four months later at the ever so beloved spot for beauty deals; the airport.

The thing between me and perfumes is a very complicated, love-hate complex relationship. Long story told short, I consider them an utter luxury, completely unnecessary and a zero in ten chance of buying one myself. If I fall in love with one? great, add that to my wish list, no spending strings attached. But then again, I've still a hell lot of time to consider buying perfumes a self spoiling method.