08 August 2014

4 Ways To Reduce The Bad Appearance of Greasy Hair

Phew..... that's a long title.

It's almost a second day thing for most of us. Or sometimes you just prefer to keep your hair greasy when we're not expecting of going among other people and then unexpectedly something comes up and you're head looks as if washed with melted fat- yeah, I hate these days too.

My, let's say, very ''high experience'', had gave me enough reasons to find a way in which I can immediately reduce the appearance of greasy hair, and here are the four ways I usually use (:

1. Dry Shampoo.
First and most obvious, is the dry shampoo. I think these are the most handiest things ever. You spray it into the roots, massage in and voila. You're hair look a thousand times better and fresh.

2. Teasing Hair

This is something I love doing no matter if my hair are one day long, or four day long. Teasing the crown of the head just at the roots creates the look of ''dried hair'' and eliminates the appearance of wet , drooping strands.

3. High Hairdo 

Giving the top a of the head a big volume, brushing the hair back and pulling up into buns, pony tails and plats, highly reduces the appearance of greasy hair.
My favourites in this case are, messy buns, french plats, high-teased pony tail and the half-up half-down pony tail (Ariana Grande style). 

4. Hats and Hairbands

Simply covering up with various hair accessorise is the absolute easiest thing to go for. No matter if it's a beanie, snap back, hairband, bandanna or a pretty clip, it's always going to look cute and fashionable.

I know it's only a quick, short post but that's just in the awaiting for the next one :D

Love Loads,


05 August 2014

Monthly Favourites

Hey everyone!

So here I have the, a bit delayed, monthly favourites post for the month of July. I'm so glad I can finally do this. Ever since I started becoming obsessed with various beauty bloggers and youtubers, there was nothing that I wanted to do more then the monthly favourites list! 

To those of you who yet not know what it is, it's a list of products/objects/ places or basically anything I had been loving this month and that I would highly recommend to others.

Okay, so without the further blabbing I'm bombarding you with in the very beginning- let's get down to business....

1. Okay, so first we have the AA Age Technology Moisturising BB Cream 9-in-1. This I was recommended by a lady working at the drugstore where I purchased it. I asked her for a BB cream that would be ideal for my dry, sensitive and young skin.
The reason why I go for the BB cream is because I do not use foundation. Honestly, I think I don't require wearing it yet and also I do not want to start using it too early as it simply might be too heavy and just make my skin appear even worse.
Of course, from time to time I have these terrible breakouts or discolouring when I wish I could just hide my face from the rest of the world, and that's where the BB cream comes in! 
Its consistency is as of a normal cream and it looks a bit like foundation as it is in skin tone. There are three shades I think; light, medium and dark and they basically adjusts to your skin tone (which is amazing because you don't have to stand there for hours testing which colour will match your skin.)
It's easy to apply, it takes just seconds to make my face look more awake and perfected and most importantly- it does not dry me out!
I really enjoy using it and my skin is looking a lot better after applying it so for those of you with sensitive skin I recommend checking that out.
 Oh and I just want to mention that the AA Cosmetics are said to be ideal for skins prone to allergies, so no worrier under that aspect.

 It isn't something new, to be honest it has been out there for quite a good while, but I really like it and it's actually really cheap. I'll leave a link below to the website with the description of all the 9 properties of the cream for those of you interested...


2.So next we have the Loverdose Perfume by Diesel. 

This, I have been obsessed with! The scent is just addicting I have to say and I love, love, love it! It's very sweet in smell (the kind I love the most) and reminds me of liquorice (which normally I hate so it was very surprising to me that I liked this one).

Now, there are three different colours of this perfume- black, pink and baby pink. I have tested both of the pink once recently just out of curiosity and I was shocked! They are nothing like the black one and to be truthful- they are horrible! Maybe they just smell bad on my skin but they definitely are not my favourites. Unlike the black one of course.

The perfume, I think, has been released couple of months ago and at that time it was a bit costly, but by now if look in the right places you might even find it at 30 euro only! I know the last time I went to Boots, this was the price it carried, but again it varies from store to store. When I checked at an airport perfumery it was around 80-90 euro, so I guess this does let you know there are some places where you can overspend.

Lastly I just want to point out that I am not a huge fan of  perfumes. They are the kind of products  that are surly never on the top of my shopping list. I can never find the right fragrance for myself and other perfumes always seem not to be worthy their cost. And then one day this fragrance stands on a shelf separating me and my shopping basket from the till so I think, ''why not try it out''. And here we go, I fall madly in love with a perfume for the first time in forever. THAT must show something.

3. Number three in my favourites is taken by the L'Oreal Paris skin perfection soothing gel-cream wash.

This qualifies to one of my best facial washes I ever purchased- and believe me, not much of those make it so high. Facial washes are the cosmetics I love experimenting with. I try to purchase a different one every time, just because I always keep looking for one that's going to satisfy all my expectations. And this one has done a pretty good job.

These are few of its advantages:
-It's foamy and creamy in texture.
-It moisturises and does not irritate my sensitive skin.
-It does not contain soap.
-It's cheap and efficient. 

The only bad thing I have to say about this is that it doesn't smell. Some people may take this as an advantage as this shows it doesn't contain any unnecessary perfumes and chemicals, however I do like when my cosmetics have specific scents :)

4. While we are at facial washes, here's another one I've been loving and it's the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash-off deep purifying cleanser. 

Before I say anything else, yes, I do have to admit that if I was to choose a cleanser for myself, this probably wouldn't be the one I would pick up from the shelf - back then. 

Because I was desperate of a facial wash and my mom was heading to town, I asked her to buy me one. Specifically I remarked- for dry and sensitive skin!!! And what did she do? She came back with this wash I never used before and one that does not contain the words ''For dry and sensitive skin''. Did I get mad? Of course I did because that's just me.... but then I smelled it. 

It was absolutely the most wonderfull scent I ever felt! Peaches!!! It was simply the smell of peach. Nothing else. It was so lovely and sweet and fresh and I just loved it.

After that I decided I'll give it a chance and I was not disappointed. The product was refreshing, removed-makeup and even gentle to my skin!!! Love, love, love it!

5. Next on the list is the Garnier Ultimate Blends ''the silky smoother'' shampoo and conditioner.

This is a-maz-ing!!!! It works exactly as described. My hair (including the dry split ends) are as soft as a fluff. They are silky, fresh and nourished, exactly the thing I look for after washing my hair. 

Now, there is a catch- for those of you who think that this will magically merge your split ends.... this does not work like that. This product makes your ends ''feel'' and ''apear'' soft and smooth but does not actually fix them. Your ends are of a better quality for day or two but not for the entire time. Despite this fact, I still do love it and enjoy using it :) And it smell gorgeous (/^▽^)/

6. Number six is slightly different from the rest. Namely it is a book called ''We, Children from Bahnhof Zoo'' by Christine F. 

I've been trying to read this for way too long now (it stood almost 4 years on my book shelf untouched) and finally decided it was the time I take up the read. I carried the book with me on my holiday and read it in any free time I got. I have to say, despite the fact this is a non-fiction AND a biography (which are totally not my kind of genre) I have been loving this lecture.

It is a true story of a teenage girl (Christine F.), living in Germany and her drug addiction problem. She's telling her story of how she started smoking hashish at the age of 12 and ends  up trying heroine at the age of 13.

This kind of plot is serious and you wouldn't exactly take it up as a ''light-read'', but I have really enjoyed it,  I do indeed recommend this.

Last but not least, is a actually a website (link above). Since I am new to this amazing world of blogging, I have obviously spend a lot of time thinking about the layout of my blog. And I happened to stumble across this site.... 

It has everything needed to customize your personal blog, from backgrounds to post dividers. It is extremely helpful to all beginners (including myself :P) and in addition everything there is so, so, so cute ^-^

Hope you have enjoyed this post :) I actually wanted to add more objects to my favourites but I thought I'm going to separate this into parts- including my top nail polishes, books, movies etc. All of this will be coming very soon so keep an eye out :)

Love Loads,