25 April 2015

Grapefruit Splash & Primark Candles

  Hello peeps,
So recently, my obsessions took off to the next level... Have any of you ever been obsessed with a scent? And I genuinely mean obsessed?! 
Well, not so long ago, I discovered that everything grapefruit-smelling related seems to hit into my head like an arrow into its target. I'm not even exaggerating; if I ever happen to find myself on choosing a beauty product and one of the choices contains this tropical fruit... clear my way as  make it to the tills. I'm not even quite sure why I decided to blog about this (perhaps its just my ''oh just ramble about anything'' mind) but I suppose it's a good way to also give a tiny review on some of the products below. 

Visibly clear pink grapefruit series by Neutrogena 
I talked about this in one of my previous posts (I think one of the favourites), and basically said I really enjoy this stuff. I love how it cleanses and smells (obviously), leaving the skin nice and fresh. I have, however reduced the usage of it now as my skin got it's lizard-like dryness again so I just switched to something more hydrating, but of course when any breakouts start to show this is definitely my go-to drugstore product.
Garnier Fructis strenght and shine shampoo
I basically bought this with one aim; to strengthen my super damaged, weak hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I firstly opened the bottle under my shower. Air suddenly got filled with fruity fresh scents and birds started to chirp away on the branches of cherry tress, bringing a heavenly feeling upon my senses..... how poetic was that?! (nah) No but seriously, the smell really is heavenly...too bad it doesn't actually stay on the hair after the wash! Huge disappointment. The shampoo itself is okay I presume. I mean, yeah my hair are silky and stuff but it doesn't do magic or anything. 5/10.
Impulse, Very Pink body spray
Let me get it out there; as far as body sprays go, I would say... I'm not a massive fan? I'm aware majority of Irish girls become slightly too obsessed with those on daily basis.... please don't hate me for it :P I'm more of a perfume person for defo. What I don't like in the Impulses is that they are just tiney-winey too intense and even though, don't stay on long enough. I do still use them yes, but not to such a scale as others. This one however, I got from a friend and I've to say it's actually really...pretty?
Pink grapefruit Primark Candle
A lot of people who saw the candle on my window sill have been questioning is it any good. It is Primark after all. I think I smelled around four other scents from their range, but I have to say, this one and vanilla, are the only two I would actually ever go for. The remaining Pink Jasmine, Lavender and I think Eucalyptus &Thyme were just hideous. It was like a mixture of washing powder and Domex toilet cleaner. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with it if you like one of them... but for me it was horrifying :P As of their intensity and lasting, it's surprisingly really freaking good! My room gets filled with grapefruit clouds in around 20 minutes and the candle is of really good and descent size. And only at 4 euro!

Let me know down in the comments if you tried any of these before, or what are your views on fruity smells? Maybe you have some other, weirder obsessions? Can't wait to hear them.