19 February 2016

Pride & Prejudice And... Zombies? | Movie Review

We've heard of it. Some might have even studied it. Those who claim themselves to be literary suckers probably even enjoyed or at least pretended to be mad about all of Jane Austen's just for the sake of their interest. If like me your pathway in life to some extent consists of the words ''humanists'' and ''arts'' you are probably doomed to a society where the classics are required to be worshiped, despite personal response. But when it comes to reviews and especially those combined with the world wide web, one cannot restrict themselves to words of praise just because it is respected to do so.

16 February 2016

February Glossy Review

Hello peeps!
Another month another Glossy and this time round I'm extremely happy about the box's contents! Not only did the package come in extra cute to celebrate the month of love, but I was surprised to discover... drum roll please... five full sized products inside! Cray Cray!!

Obviously I indulged myself in them the moment I finished reading the attached monthly label and let me say; Glossybox, you're doing it right.

13 February 2016

Valentine's Special With Weronika | How To Be Single On Valentine's

Hello peeps!
How is everyone doing? A week back or so I paired up with a fellow blogger Weronika from weronikadabek.blogspot.co.uk (who's blog I've been obsessed with for the past few months!) and together we collaborated for this year's Valentine's special :) Below is her ultimate list of tips and advice on surviving this time of the year as a single! Take a look:

09 February 2016

A Guide For All Who Hate Flying

Travelling has its epic and disastrous sides. Whether it's an hour journey to your Nan's or a whole day adventure abroad, I believe majority will agree not all trips are enjoyable. Especially when it comes to soaring the skies and cheap flights. Personally I adore the hustle of grand airports to a point I could call them a second home. But when it comes to being on a plane my only ambition is to invent a teleporter before hitting 20.

06 February 2016

Muck On Them Trainers

Hello peeps! 
I've been absolutely mad about healthy eating and active lifestyle probably since last October. Motivation can be tricky and so here's a list of the key tips I follow to keep myself fit and be happy about it:

03 February 2016

January's Disappointing Products

Hello peeps,
as much as I love to recommend and marvel about tones of cheap beauty bargains that are just too good not to admire, there does exist that bunch of goodies in my bathroom I ain't too pleased with this month. How often can you do ''monthly favorites'' before they get boring? Personally, I believe least favorites are just as interesting to read and are the only type of posts that truly get the opinions out there.