19 February 2016

Pride & Prejudice And... Zombies? | Movie Review

We've heard of it. Some might have even studied it. Those who claim themselves to be literary suckers probably even enjoyed or at least pretended to be mad about all of Jane Austen's just for the sake of their interest. If like me your pathway in life to some extent consists of the words ''humanists'' and ''arts'' you are probably doomed to a society where the classics are required to be worshiped, despite personal response. But when it comes to reviews and especially those combined with the world wide web, one cannot restrict themselves to words of praise just because it is respected to do so.

Me, it took a while to fully understand the beauty behind Pride & Prejudice, and by a while I mean until quite recently when I re-watched the 2005 adaptation. Before this all I could allow myself to cherish narrowed down to the vivid characters and hilarious priorities of the early 19th century. Not enough reasons to absolutely steel my heart away. Plain and simple, I considered the story boring. Not because of its well too perfect romance tale but because the only real moment of climax and purpose came to me with the very end, making all the rest a giant mishmash of ''what the heck is this about?'' Obviously it isn't this way anymore. Until...I saw the new version of the movie and with an aching heart have to state it unfortunately does not fail to uphold the bland plot line I once believed Pride and Prejudice was famous for.

I didn't even expect a title such as Pride + Prejudice + Zombies to come across me, like ever. When it finally did my first thought relegated to something similar to the now popular gaming world; not much of my concern on this one. So when I did realize this is a completely new novel made into an actual feature-length motion picture, it had already long hit the theaters. 

I will not deny I have been surprised; charmingly, in a positive manner. Expecting to see something of a mocking parody with the dumbest jokes around each corner, to my shock came a quite impressive, quality-wise, bearable to watch film. To be fully honest I was bewildered by how well they managed to stick with the original piece at the same time fitting the characters to the modern zombie ambiance without disfiguring their personalities- my heart turns to Lady Katherine in particular. I can't even complain about the technicalities including framing, special effects, music and cinematography. True, they definitely are not academy award worthy, but as far as your day-to-day basis cinema movie goes, they pass the test. Directing, costumes and setting were amazingly done pro and I can't even express the love I share for its screenplay. Doesn't seem so bad, right?

But what about the time-honored book? I've read someone say how disrupted they were for the zombies to ''mock Austen's talent'' then again others complain by the lack of comedy in a suggestive parody. Myself, I was overly joyous this turned out to be more horror than funny. But I'm not going to compare this to the original. Not today anyhow. I've seen it as a stand-alone and that's how I'm going to review it.

I do believe there was definitely more of Pride and Prejudice to it then there was of The Walking Dead. The first one did a better job anyway. As good as the acting was, fight scenes can only be described as pathetic. Your school drama kind a story where the main character is uncertain of how to hold a weapon. The seriousness of a zombie apocalypse was also rather laughable which brings us back to someone's view of the movie not living up to its title. They didn't exactly preform their best choosing between the atmosphere they wanted to go with; was it suppose to be dead serious or laugh worthy? The idea of zombies walking about by day light did not convince me either. So I guess it's safe to say the zombies were not brought out satisfyingly well as compared to the original plot. But I do admit the final war scenes were even quite entertaining and featured more of true fantasy the rest of the movie lacked. And obviously I can't complain about the woman-power either.

Dedicated I sat and watched and suffered through the pain of 10 degrees in the hall and once it came to an end I can now fully commit to the opinion that indeed it did not live up its expectations. Neither a cheap, cranky parody nor a magnificent sci-fi classic. Lacking in action, tension and excitement the whole zombie idea took away more than it added. But I do admire its modernism, which to certain individuals might be somewhat more appealing. It is not a work of mockery but a brilliantly delivered fresh gush of an ancient  art piece that just does not manage to break through the stiff walls of its story.

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