09 February 2016

A Guide For All Who Hate Flying

Travelling has its epic and disastrous sides. Whether it's an hour journey to your Nan's or a whole day adventure abroad, I believe majority will agree not all trips are enjoyable. Especially when it comes to soaring the skies and cheap flights. Personally I adore the hustle of grand airports to a point I could call them a second home. But when it comes to being on a plane my only ambition is to invent a teleporter before hitting 20.
Tight space, stuffy air, turbulence and constant fear due to zero control over if the plane keeps flying or starts plunging 35k ft downwards. Call me a control freak, I already know I am one! So what actually helps me to get over the fact there's yet another airplane journey ahead of me?

1. Pre- Departure: Organize, Check, Pack

Know time restrictions. Organize lift to the airport with decent time reserve. Check-in online. Be aware of what's prohibited in carry-on. Pack unnecessary items in main luggage. Ensure correct weight/ dimension of all bags. Essentials to be easily available. Check for flight status night before departure. Check weather conditions. Bus travelers- arrive on time, allow extra hour for ''emergency'' situations. Plan the process: check-in | security check | check departure gate | buy water | Starbucks break | go to gate | use the loo | get on board!

2. Equip in: Gum, Water, Sweet Drink, Painkillers, Travel Sickness Pills, Light Snacks
Chewing gum unblocks ears. Hydration is especially important! High-in-sugar items raise sugar levels in blood and prevent fainting. Headaches are common. So is feeling nauseated. Food gives energy- and makes you happy- and takes attention off the groaning machine!

3. Choose Suitable Seat
Spending extra pounds to reserve a seat is almost always discouraging. However, if competing against tiny, hobbit-like spacing between chairs (*coughs* Ryanair *coughs*) it's definitely worth the expense! Front seats have extra leg space, likewise those in centre at ''exit'' doors. Back seats give comfort of a cooler air and no kicking children (FYI- ladies with babies tend to sit in the very front so if you dread crying toddler, back rows are to be considered) Outside seats are most handy; easy in easy out. But if your flight is equivalent to the cost of your Big Mac, why not buy two seats and enjoy the elbow-less armrests?

4. Get Rid Off Carry-On
Unless it's crucial to have, leave your suitcase behind. Majority flights offer drop-off point right at the plane's entrance. No hustle on the stairs, no hustle with it in the cabin. Simple. Just make sure to keep a bigger handbag for all other necessities ;)

5. Dress Code: Stretchy Pants, Loose Top, Runners Natural Hair and Zero Makeup
Comfy clothing = comfy flight. And honestly, flight attendants could care less if your pulling off tracksuits or rockin' them jeans. Hair stays down, end of story. How do you picture resting your head with a high pony? Shoes can come off in-flight whilst sitting and enjoying your movie.

6. Blanket, Pillow, Sanitizer, Baby Wipes, Hot Water Bottle
Cozy and clean are a flying religion. Ask the attendants to fill up your hot water bottle and make yourself at home. Your welcome.

7. Distraction: Music, Novel, Mag, Movie, Nail Art
Worst scenario possible: being bored. Headphones are your ultimate saver and combined with an audio book you could be crowned the flying queen! Don't focus on one distraction, read Glamour, catch up with PLL, start doing what you never have time for (ie. contemplate life and write a bestseller) and get them nails filed!

8. Toilet, Toilet And Toilet Once More
Let's not pretend we're mad about in-flight bathroom facilities. Doing the business even a hundred times if needed before departure relieves the worry of being sucked into atmosphere via toilet seat.

9. Straighten Up
Sitting gets tiring. Stretched numbed muscles by even just walking like dumb up and down the aisle.

10. Conversate 
Hating the air pressure is one thing. Being genuinely scared is another. Long conversations and befriending your one day neighbor distracts, relieves and who knows- perhaps even makes you laugh!

Your Carry-On Checklist: 
  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Change and Safe Wallet 
  • Water (bought after security check)
  • Snacks
  • Meds.
  • Hydrating Cream (u. 100ml)
  • Headphones
  • Book
  • Magazine
  • Notepad
  • Laptop
  • Hot Water Bottle
  • Mobile
  • Watch
  • Over-Sized, Cozy Hoodie
  • Travel Pillow
  • Chewing Gum + Mints
  • Hand Sanitizer + Baby Wipes + Tissues
  • Hairbrush
  • Nail Filer 

Absolutely excited for my trip to Scotland this midterm! Can't wait to visit my beloved Dublin airport but dreading the flight already, thus the creation of this post. Any extra tips I could use? :)



  1. These are some great tips. Ive just booked a holiday for May and I havent flown for 3 years and last time I had a panic attack for the whole 3 hour flight. It was dreadful! I will definitely be dressing comfy and listening to music the whole flight. Thanks for these tips xxx


    1. I can only imagine how nerve wracking in must have been for you! Good luck with your trip in May :)

  2. I have a flight only twice half of my life ago, I'm afraid of it a little bit!;)



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