16 February 2016

February Glossy Review

Hello peeps!
Another month another Glossy and this time round I'm extremely happy about the box's contents! Not only did the package come in extra cute to celebrate the month of love, but I was surprised to discover... drum roll please... five full sized products inside! Cray Cray!!

Obviously I indulged myself in them the moment I finished reading the attached monthly label and let me say; Glossybox, you're doing it right.

Naobay Protective Hair Mask £10.64
As a hair fanatic let me just point out there's rarely anything out there that blows me away. This stuff? Ah- May-Zing! I could probably exclamation mark my entire review on this. But lets pretend I'm a pro and put it this way; It's absolute silky texture nourishes each and every strand of locks, creating the weightless softness and beautiful volume one could only dream of. Plus it smells like a lemon drizzle ^_^

Nickak Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown £3.99
Never a wrong time for a good eyeliner, especially if the one has a build-in sharpener and can be worn either pointed or smokey. Natural on the eyelid, it creates a mystery that's both edgy and subtle at once. On a cover note, the packaging is just so beautiful with the metallic lid and gentle hint of blue, it captures the eye for the very first impression. Only negative that it's waterproof- not something I necessarily need but I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate this feature :)

MUA PowerPout Glaze in Rapture £3.50
The minute I applied it I new it was going to be my new best buddy. Picking this natural, toned shade was purely because I already own too many pinks and it comes out it was a brilliant decision. Ages ago, being 11 I spotted some expensive lip gloss in Sephora, can't even remember the brand. Basically the only reason I begged mom for it was because it was called ''Twilight'' and as a huge vampire sucker back then I had to lay my hands on it! It was the first expensive makeup product I have ever received, and its caramel coffee flavor and shimmery brown tone had remained with me all this time. The PowerPout brought all them memories back, with a similar formula and an even better applier! Oh and price obviously :P

The Vintage Cosmetic Slanted Tweezers £8
A thing I would definitely have not expected in my Glossybox! Yet super joyous for receiving it, my previous tweezers have been getting pretty blunt, making it hours before I could pluck them brows. And I mean, look at their design! So, so pretty <3

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor £9.99
I'll admit have not pulled that one out off the box yet. I am actually hoping to let it rest boxed up until summer when it will actually be needed a lot more often. But if it is just as good as it looks and as promising as the packaging outlines, then I'm dying to give it a go!

What was in your Glossybox this month? Which shade of the MUA lip glaze did you order? Your favorites? :)

If you have never subscribed to Glossybox, then go and give their website a scan right here. The subscription is one of the best presents one could make/get!

Chat soon,

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