03 February 2016

January's Disappointing Products

Hello peeps,
as much as I love to recommend and marvel about tones of cheap beauty bargains that are just too good not to admire, there does exist that bunch of goodies in my bathroom I ain't too pleased with this month. How often can you do ''monthly favorites'' before they get boring? Personally, I believe least favorites are just as interesting to read and are the only type of posts that truly get the opinions out there.

Aussie Winter Miracle Dry Shampoo- sucker for all things hair, to no surprise comes the fact I've owned MANY dry shampoos in my beauty freak career. Lets be honest, dry shampoos are useless in the first place and when you come across one that is just the worst of all, you seriously want to bang the head off a wall on a Monday morning. People rave about Aussie as if it was an environmental saving invention, destined to prevent earth from irreversible cataclysm. Well, maybe it is, I wouldn't know- I've never tried their other products. So the idea of purchasing my first one of theirs was very appealing when I came across this winter designed hair re-freshener at a reduced price (maybe the cute snowflake and words ''limited edition'' provoked the impulse buy as well).

I won't deny I expected quite much. Maybe not mountains of miracles at once but definitely hoped for it to stand out among the rest. Ultimately, it does- in the worse case scenario. And the only word that can describe my hair condition after usage of this ''winter miracle'' is HIDEOUS. Not only does it dry out the roots completely, at the same time sticks one strand to the other and makes you look as if you can't afford a good shower. Never mind whether it be one or two day old hair, loose or pinned up, styled or let out naturally- the shampoo makes you look a thousand times more like a nightmare than you already think you are. In more posh words- this product is not fit for its intended purpose, simultaneously breaking approximately ten legislation regarding consumer rights- THAT is disappointment.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat- I love Sally's nail polishes. I'd say we all enjoy the slightly more expensive treat of professional nail care. But this? What happened? In the beginning, I very much enjoyed it- it helped nails to dry quicker and gave a nice shine to all nail polishes in general. But the thing was, it did not meet expectations quality wise. The so promised ''2 week lasting'' quickly dropped to four days only and honestly I couldn't see much difference between this 15 euro ''miracle'' treatment and your average 3 euro top coat from Primark. After months of disappointment I think I did get over the fact it was not an exceptional piece of nail care and that getting mad about it wouldn't make it perform any better. But then, after five months from opening, the formula reached it final days. Thick and clumpy, it was more than impossible to use. I checked the labels, to further disappointment finding it was supposed to last 12 whole freaking months and drenched half a bottle and half the money down the drain. Not the best experience, a grand 1 out of 10 for this one- boo hoo hoo :(

Yves Rocher Coconut Lip Balm- Once again a lovely example of why not to impulse buy nor get naive and allow the toady sales assistants and their ''spend five more euro at our shop and you'll receive a gift the next time you spend over a hundred!'' *rolls eyes*, to suck up once your foot crosses the door step. But hey, you can never have enough of lip balms right?! Apparently you can if instead of moisturizing and nourishing your gently lips they turn them lizard dry and rough as a 19 year old carpet. The texture is watery and greasy, it uses up extremely quick and does not even create the illusion of a moisturized pout. I don't know how about you, but for me this sounds a little too convincing to never lay my hands on Yves Rocher balms ever again. Throw in the word ''miracle'' and we'll have a lovely summary made.

So that is it. Probably not everyone is going to agree with me and that's cool. After all, don't these kind of stuff work differently on everyone? But do let me know if you used any of the above before and what were your thoughts on them. Perhaps some suggestions on more promising alternatives? :)

K xx


  1. "they turn them lizard dry and rough as a 19 year old carpet" hahahaha I love that analogy that is gold! XD Can't say I've ever tried any of these products, I kind of gave up on top coats cause they are either really expensive or don't work all that well!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha thank you, you made my day :D

      Top coats are brilliant when it comes to fixing appearance of the nail polish if it was messed up whilst applying (almost always in my case xD) But otherwise I totally agree with you- They're pointless!

  2. What a pity Aussie dry shampoo was so disappointing! There's so much hype around Aussie, but I haven't tried it so far! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

    1. I know, their products tend to be amazing when described as others! I think it was just me and my bad luck :D


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