13 February 2016

Valentine's Special With Weronika | How To Be Single On Valentine's

Hello peeps!
How is everyone doing? A week back or so I paired up with a fellow blogger Weronika from weronikadabek.blogspot.co.uk (who's blog I've been obsessed with for the past few months!) and together we collaborated for this year's Valentine's special :) Below is her ultimate list of tips and advice on surviving this time of the year as a single! Take a look:

How to be single during valentines

14th of February, loved by some, dreaded by others, yes I’m talking about St Valentine’s day. As a single it’s not really my favourite day of the year but I’m not a big hater of it either. I think it’s important to have at least one day a year to show somebody how much you love them and not seem weird or odd about it.  But there are people, like me, who don’t have that special lovie dovie this day, so if you're that person.. I’m going to share some things that will help you to survive valentines!  ☺
Show love to your friends
Grab your other single girls (or just all of your boy and girl friends)out: go for a pizza, go to Starbucks, go anywhere but spend a day with them and show them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Friendship is also a kind of love and  Valentine’s day is to show love, who said you have to show it to your significant other, show it to everybody you love <3
Spoil yourself
Go shopping. Do I really need to say more ? ☺
...Or Relax
Run a bath grab some of your favourite comfort food, run a bubble bath(especially now when Lush is coming out with new products I know that’s what I’m doing  :) light some candles, grab a book, put on a mask and just relax, take it slow  and enjoy the moment.
Stay in and chill
This one kinda ties in with the previous one, maybe if you are not really a bath person then this one could be for you, and also in this one you can invite your friends over or spend it completely alone, so just order some pizza, grab popcorn, pick a good movie. WARNING ! Romantic movies are not recommended on this day for singles.  And just forget about the world and melt yourself into the world of film , don’t think about the calories or anything, and again just enjoy !
Go to the gym
This is another one that I will be adapting. Listen, if you haven’t been at the gym because you're overwhelmed by the usual amount of people there, valentines is the perfect day to go, as everyone, well ...almost everyone is out on dates and everything therefore it’s a great time to take the first step into the gym, and begin your fitness journey.  And if you already go to the gym, then you probably know how annoying it is when all the  machines you want to go on are taken, well this day is perfect as it's almost empty there.

So, Happy Valentine’s everybody !! Share love, happiness and positivity :) and most importantly remember it’s just one day so don’t get obsessed about it.
And to all of you who are celebrating with your lovie dovies, hope you enjoy your day <3

I love this girl's blog so much so make sure to check it out and whilst over there ensure to take a longer peek on the post I created:The Perks Of Being Single On Cupid's Day :)

How are you celebrating tomorrow?

Lots of Love,

Kinga & Weronika

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