Heyyyyy there,
In case you're wondering to know some juicy (not) facts about me here's a gist;
I am a 16 year old teenager having nothing better to do than re-watching my favourite tv shows over and over again. I'm always busy with creative writing, sticking my nose into books and staring at movies for long long hours. I'm interested in filmography, travel, architecture, history and any kind of winter sports.

I consider shopping a form of physical exercise, spend way too much money on mascaras, shampoos and over sized hoodies, drink five times more coffee than I'm allowed to and know the Harry Potter movie scripts off by heart. 

I love simple little things that make everyday life more interesting and beautiful.

I created this blog for myself and also for others who are interested in reading :) Here you'll find a lot of bits and bobs on books and beauty as well as posts on fashion, lifestyle and much much more.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll enjoy your time here :)



  1. YEAY!! *happy dance*
    I'm not the only one who knows the harry potter script of by heart, You just made my day :D


  2. Yeeep, that makes two of us :D


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