08 August 2014

4 Ways To Reduce The Bad Appearance of Greasy Hair

Phew..... that's a long title.

It's almost a second day thing for most of us. Or sometimes you just prefer to keep your hair greasy when we're not expecting of going among other people and then unexpectedly something comes up and you're head looks as if washed with melted fat- yeah, I hate these days too.

My, let's say, very ''high experience'', had gave me enough reasons to find a way in which I can immediately reduce the appearance of greasy hair, and here are the four ways I usually use (:

1. Dry Shampoo.
First and most obvious, is the dry shampoo. I think these are the most handiest things ever. You spray it into the roots, massage in and voila. You're hair look a thousand times better and fresh.

2. Teasing Hair

This is something I love doing no matter if my hair are one day long, or four day long. Teasing the crown of the head just at the roots creates the look of ''dried hair'' and eliminates the appearance of wet , drooping strands.

3. High Hairdo 

Giving the top a of the head a big volume, brushing the hair back and pulling up into buns, pony tails and plats, highly reduces the appearance of greasy hair.
My favourites in this case are, messy buns, french plats, high-teased pony tail and the half-up half-down pony tail (Ariana Grande style). 

4. Hats and Hairbands

Simply covering up with various hair accessorise is the absolute easiest thing to go for. No matter if it's a beanie, snap back, hairband, bandanna or a pretty clip, it's always going to look cute and fashionable.

I know it's only a quick, short post but that's just in the awaiting for the next one :D

Love Loads,


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