24 April 2016

Angel by Thierry Mugler | Review

A scent recognized so well it could be a celebrity itself.

Me, I was first introduced to it by my mom, who more than enjoys smelling well herself, loves to purchase goodies that make me stand out as well. And so after a hard try and fail of receiving Angel for Christmas (my step dad concluded we've already spent too much...oops) the two of us sneaked him out whilst flying over the ocean and getting it four months later at the ever so beloved spot for beauty deals; the airport.

The thing between me and perfumes is a very complicated, love-hate complex relationship. Long story told short, I consider them an utter luxury, completely unnecessary and a zero in ten chance of buying one myself. If I fall in love with one? great, add that to my wish list, no spending strings attached. But then again, I've still a hell lot of time to consider buying perfumes a self spoiling method.
I do love smelling good though and not having at least one on my closet wouldn't pass either. My type? Attractive, sweet and enigmatic (if you could even describe a scent like this).

First impression of Mugler's creation? Something a sophisticated teen or a modern thirty year old would love. Indulging, spicy fragrance, with a hint of sweetness. Classy, I-wear-jeans-with-heels kind a story, but unusual, almost peculiar and that's what got me fascinated. 

I tried out a sample first, wore it on my wrist for the day and honestly was incredibly amazed by the quality of the stuff. Especially when the scent developed and blended in, it seemed as if the two of us were meant for each other. I have found the match. From there it went really quick of lusting it even more and paying 50/50 just to get the 50ml bottle seemed like a fair deal. True, 75 euro is slightly daunting but the price we pay for high street doesn't really surprise us any more, does it?

The fragrance matches summer nights or daily autumn days. It can get quite heavy with first application and so in my eyes (or shall I say nose?) it doesn't really combine well with the light, fresh spring time nor does it go along with party atmosphere either.

One thing I probably dislike is the applicator. It comes without a protective lid (something a travelling girl hates) and is also quite wide and concentrated, disallowing a ''just-a-discrete-hint'' spray. However the packaging is ''oh my goodness'' and you can picture that weird eye thing people do as they stare into the ceiling, heads sticking forward (myself included), so I guess it balances out.

Final opinion? Let's just say that anything I have that makes my own mother envious is worth the shot and I have received some pretty compliments on this too. If you have not once inhaled the essence of Angel you could be missing out big time. Or maybe you have already and it wasn't your match? Either way let me know down below <3



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