02 May 2016

April Obsessions

Hello peeps,
It is that time of the month again, hurrah! Without further rambling I'll jump straight into this month's favorites you might like to know of and as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

1) Selection by Kiera Cass
This book has been haunting me ever since it came out. Any bookshop, library, online store, charity event, book blog etc etc. this would ALWAYS catch my attention in one way or another (huge benefit to the cover!) And since I had my eyes on it for way too long, I decided to finally get it.One day I was dying for a new read and been searching for something totally different, when time pressure put me in a situation I had no idea what to get. Then I thought, right, that book with the princess on the cover. Not knowing what it was about, not knowing the author and basically being completely benighted in the topic, I searched it out and purchased. Oh boy what an amazing decision that was. In a nut shell, future-set, slightly dystopian story about a girl who lands herself in a reality show to compete for the prince and the crown. Fairy tale of 22nd century. Without shadow of a doubt I confess this is getting its ranks extremely high, almost equalizing with my obsession for Harry Potter. I couldn't get my eyes off it. Before school, at school, during class, on the bus, during meal times, after meal times, instead of homework, before bed and so on so forth. My biology grades will cry a river this May....

2) Beauty Blender 

Would you believe I only got my first one of these mid-March of this year?! I know, what a shocker. Truth is, I don't use foundation and when I do, my Real Techniques brush serves just fine. This stuff though? I think is more of an necessity than a want to any beauty loving girl out there. After a whole year of listening to the praise I've been hearing about it, I thought why not give it a go? Now it just makes my routine so much easier. Blends everything from cream and concealer to blush and bronzer. But sure we all know how amazing it is!

3) Neutrogena Intense Repair Balm

Lip balms are the easy things to switch between and experiment with. That's why I opt for a different one with each purchase. I always loved Neutrogena, especially the quality of their body lotions and was pleasantly surprised they did an equally good job with the lip stuff. The tube packed, squeeze-out containers may not be my most beloved type of packaging, but the results you get are worth the suffering. The texture is non-sticky, anti-shine and zero white residue clumping on the inside of the lips. It hydrates extremely well and prevents dryness up to even five hours, in my case anyway. 

4) Rouge Bunny Rouge 016 Blending Brush 
                                                                                                                (source: rougebunnyrouge.com)
I don't usually trust sales assistants' opinions, no matter how fancy the store or brand. When it comes to spending bigger money on things like beauty I usually figure out what I want via bloggers and friends and then just go off and buy them. However getting a blending brush arose in my head on a spur of a moment so requesting some help seemed appropriate. I was recommended this precious darling. As a smokey-anything amateur my needs were basic; something that'll get the job done without much of personal effort. Bit discouraged by the price label I wasn't certain in the beginning but today I wouldn't think twice. The brush does anything from blending eye shadow to applying highlighter on the cheekbones. Its thick, synthetic bristles make the process so much faster and even I manage to tame the darker shades as I apply them on the eye. Absolute magic. 

Until next time. Love,


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