24 August 2015

Yves Rocher- haul & first impression review

Hello peeps,
as summer days are coming to an end, I thought it was a perfect time for a little, beauty shopping spree. This past month I have been particularly loving the Yves Rocher stores and their amazing offers, and so here I have five new products I purchased only a few days/weeks back along with a short first impression review. 

£9.90 (on sale)
My skin gets very dehydrated and sensitive in winter which accompanies really annoying redness on my face caused by the slightest change in temperature- that is; walking from an arctic cold classroom into a desert hot school corridor. For a while now I've been searching for something to reduce the sensitivity of my skin and thought to try out this cream. I used it only twice, in the mornings, and so far I'm liking it and have big hopes for it. It sinks in really quickly, has a super light formula and I can actually feel it cool my cheeks down. You'll definitely hear from me about this product in the nearest future with either a positive or negative review, so keep an eye out. 

£5.00 (on sale)
This was actually the reason for my shopping at Yves Rocher. I love experimenting with various facial scrubs and really wanted to give this one a go. From my first use I actually didn't see or feel any difference on my skin, however. But so far I can say it isn't harsh and doesn't dry my skin out even more. I'll continue using it twice a week, as recommended and keep you guys updated whether I like it or not.

£6.50 (on sale)
I only used this a couple of times but I'm pretty certain I'll be loving it. Basically, apply it twice a week, leave on for 5 minutes and wipe down the excess using a cotton pad. However, the lady in the store said you don't actually have to remove it and just go to sleep with it on, which is exactly what I did. Again, very light consistency that absorbs quickly and leaves my face super soft in the morning! It's a perfect mask for me as I never seem to have time during school year to bother with face masks at 11pm :P

£1.90 (on sale)
Okay, this on was actually kind of ''pushed in'' (quite literally). The lady at the till said ''oh, you only need to spend this and that more to get an extra stamp on your card, maybe a lip balm?'' and I just went, ''okay toss it in, I need one anyway'' (I actually did and it's not like it costs a fortune). But, it has disappointed me, big time. Yes, it does smell and taste amazing, but once it absorbs into the lips, they feel twice as dry as they were in the beginning. I'll keep it in the pocket of my school blazer because it is really handy, but I don't see myself repurchasing it again :/

£3.50 (ON SALE)
This is the one I'm most excited about. If you haven't heard about the ''no poo'' (no shampoo) method of washing your hair, it translates quite literally. It's a current trend, started in the US, where you wash your hair with only water or apple vinegar. And thanks to Yves Rocher, people who are not as brave to take up the challenge (like me) now have a shampoo which doesn't contain either sulfate or silicone (chemicals which in fact may damage the structure of the hair and act harshly on the scalp) and so it also doesn't foam and is very delicate. 
I got it two weeks ago and have been using it since. My feelings are mixed. One way I love that it's a natural way of washing my hair, they look really shiny and healthy and it's quite easy to get used to the non-foaming formula.
The other I really dislike how I have to wash my hair twice under the shower to avoid greasy strands in the morning and pay attention as to whether my entire head has been washed or not. 
But I am aware the high temperatures outside are causing my hair to get greasy a lot quicker so I'm going to keep using it throughout autumn and see how it works for me.

Okie dokie, that is it. By the way, am I the only one feeling excited to go back to school? Please tell me I haven't gone nuts :P 

I would really love to hear if you've used any of these before or what your most recent beauty purchases are so do let me know down in the comments and I hope you have a lovely week ahead :)


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