08 July 2015

Good Morning Marilyn

Hello peeps,
when my dad first announced we'll visit Marilyn Monroe's photo exhibition that's currently taking place in the city, my first thought was; ''okay, sure we've nothing better to do''. My ''doesn't make me any difference, probably won't be as impressive'' attitude was quenched the minute we stepped through the door frame.

Never, in my life, had a museum-styled exhibition, made such of an impression on me. Based in one and a half room only, not only her photographs can be admired but also the tone of other works by the one and only photographer, Milton Greene, taking for example actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda. 

I know only a little about the Hollywood's absolute movie icon, but despite my quite average knowledge about her life, the experience of this visit have been so extraordinarily inspiring I can't really put the impact it have made in words.

I, myself, am a huge fan of everything movie and acting related that this was just an amazing day.  The only regret was.... why did I forget the camera?

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