02 June 2015

The Chemistry of Death - Book Review

Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett

Publisher: Bantam Books
Publication Date: 2006
No. of Pages: 332
Genre: Crime, mystery, adult fiction
Main Character: Dr. David Hunter
Setting: England, Norfolk.

Intro: I've never read any of Simon Beckett's works before and, as a matter of fact, an adult fiction novel either. Usually I was more attracted my young-adult as they were obviously quite more relatable basically of the pure fact the characters were closer to my age. But this still doesn't changed the fact I have actually enjoyed The Chemistry of Death.

It is one of books from the ''David Hunter'' series, filled with forensic science, crime and graphic scenes of dead bodies- everything I love best :D (now you're going think I'm a psycho... oops)

Brief Summary:  After a tragic accident and the death of his wife and daughter, Dr. David Hunter takes refuge in an isolated and peaceful Manham. Spending three years undercover as a local doctor, his past comes to life when a corpse is found, massacred in the middle of the woods. Detective Mackenzie tries to convince the forensic scientist to help out with the case. In the beginning David refuses to take any actions associated with his old life but soon enough the urge gets him. And once you get involved there's no return. As more local women are being found dead around the area, Manham turns into full-time crime scene. Every one's a suspect; even Dr. Hunter.

Likes: It is very well written. Beckett uses first-person as the narrator and sticks to the past tense which is exactly what I love most. The language is simple despite the fact of it being slightly ''scientific'' at times. There's not too much detail but just enough to make the creepy atmosphere going and the novel has a very good pace overall.

Tension and plot twist. I have to admit that during the entire duration of me reading, the book never really felt as if it was going to bore me. There didn't have to be gun fights or a juicy romance forming just to keep me highly interested and I'm grateful for that.
 And of course, getting closer to the end, the tension got so high I genuinely felt like watching an ending of an awesome action movie. Obviously I predicted who the bad guy is about half-way through but then everything got so twisted that I was given the impression I was wrong all this time but then actually I wasn't and oh gosh so confusing you just gotta read it :D

Dislikes: Lack of relatability? As I've previously mentioned, the characters are around their 30s so it was quite hard for me, a 15 year old, to kind of relate and stuff but I really think this is a minor reason as it didn't discourage me in reading whatsoever.

Too much promises. At the cover of the book we get the headline ''After just thirty seconds, your skin begins to crawl. After a minute, your heart is in your mouth.'' I really think this is way of an overstatement. A classic exaggeration to attract the reader, but personally from a bestseller I have to say I think I expected something more. The plot was really good and I've enjoyed it but all the ''creepy'' stuff weren't as ''skin crawling'' as I was being promised.

Final note: I suppose it would be just fair to say I have highly enjoyed it. I do believe it is a worth recommending crime novel, with some blood-curdling moments, but let's not take it too far. I'm really easily impressed by a lot of books... but to genuinely make me fall in love with them is a though challenge. I will definitely, however, reach for another of Beckett's works soon :)

Recommend for: Adults & Young Adults, 20+ with enjoyment to read descriptions of rotting corpses ;)

My overall rate: 5/10
My cover rate: 3/10

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