03 June 2015

In-flight Necessities

Hello peeps,
My summer flight takes off in literally just a matter of weeks and since I love the ''Carry-on Essentials'' type of posts, I thought it would be fun to make one my-self. Basically, a list of the general stuff I always carry on with me on board :)

*Warm hoodie + leather jacket
*Sweets & treats
*Documents and purse
*Tissue Paper
*My notepad + markers (being 15 and still doodling on flights and writing my own stories is my biggest hobby)
*Current Book (This case: Whisper by Isabel Abedi- I started yesterday and I'm  already so addicted to it it's imaginable!)
*My cable and earphone bag
*Make-up bag

I know that they always say; carbohydrates and more carbohydrates to give you energy. But long journeys are seriously my only excuse to snack on some jelly bears and dark chocolate (not that I gobble all of it in one go, of course!)

My cable bag speaks for itself; phone and laptop charger and my headphones & earphones. My headphones are the Aerial7 but unfortunately one of them stopped working recently and I'll be forced to get new once probably for Christmas. You can get them here however if you're interested :)

Compared to my handbag, my on flight make-up bag is simple and limited to minimum. Some hand cream, lip balm, travel sized hairbrush and small deodorant do the job.  

And that's how it looks when I'm packed (treats at the top obviously :D) Please don't ask where my suitcase is from because honestly I have no idea. I don't even remember when I got it so it's obviously pretty old :P 

Okay guys, I'm off to watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars and get some sleep before tomorrow's Irish exam.

Goodnight ^^


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