12 May 2015

Can't wait to wear- simple summer outfit #1

Summer's just around the corner and one of the things I really think about is: what will I wear.

I don't necessarily want to be going out and buying new stuff when I have some I haven't worn at all yet! I searched through my wardrobe, sorted few things out and came up with a number of outfits I really can't wait to wear and also decided to share them here just to give you some simple inspiration perhaps :)

This first outfit is really plain and simple. The dress is from H&M, the necklace is Dorothy Perkins and the belt and jacket are so old I actually don't know where they're from.

I just think this will be lovely to wear on a sunny day out in town. I'll probably pair it up with some white, lace keds and a long strap handbag. 


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