14 December 2015

Currently On My Nails

Hello peeps,
As a short end week post I wanted to show you what is currently priding itself on my nails. I really love seeing posts on what others are wearing so I thought it would be fun to do one myself.

I'm definitely not an aspiring nail artist, and when it comes to nail art; I love seeing it, not doing it. I never really enjoy excessive designs on my nails, I don't feel good in them. Sometimes I allow myself a bolder, more vivid colour,
but other than that, I'm a total french manicure maniac!

If you ever catch me with nails done properly and wearing them for over three days- it's a holy day. I'm terrible when I have to prevent myself from scrapping off the nail polish and even worse to motivate myself to paint them all over again. Today, it was a total spontaneous, ''I have no idea what I'm aiming to achieve'' kind a situation. The results though, made me proud :)

Wanting something neutral, but a bit more festive, I went with the Isadora Wonder Nail in 708 Cool Camel and topped with the Color Factory Gold Glitter. It looks great, dried quickly and isn't exactly attention seeking but still pretty :)

What's on your nails today?



  1. I love how sophisticated and neutral they look even with a touch of gold for Christmas! I have never tried those brands and always stuck to Barry M and Revlon however I am going to look into those brands they look lovely!


    1. Thank you :) Revlon nail polishes are one of my favorites <3


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