20 December 2015

Prep Up That Party Face (December Glossybox)

Hello peeps,
Since we're getting more and more into the Christmas spirit and the 25th is already lurking out the corner, I'd say it's safe to assume festive parties are trending this week. I myself have few upcoming outings and the thought of getting ready is probably the most exciting bit! Having received my December Glossybox a whole two weeks back, I really wanted to make a post including some of the products I got and thought they would nicely combine with some of my already existing, party-skin-care-routine, basics .

Received in Glossybox:
1) Starskin Facial Mask
2) Kiko Mascara
3) So Susan Highlighter Pencil
4)  Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser
5)  Emite Diamond Heart Primer and Eylure Eye Lashes (November box)

Kicking off with preparing the skin first of all, I will remove any traces of dirt, make-up and oil from my face with the Philosophy cleanser. I have tested this out ever since I received the box and let me say I really freaking like it. As much as I hate using anything but my most beloved micellar water to remove make-up, this facial cleanser has convinced me to try out something different and made the process a tone lot easier.
Next I'll use my always loving Yves Rocher facial scrub, and lastly give the face mask a shot. I absolutely love using face masks and I'm terribly excited to try this one out.
For extra hydration the Garnier Hydra Adapt will forever be my go to moisturizer and before apply any gram of make-up, I'll smooth the skin out with the Emite primer, which I could literally rave about for hours <3

For the actual make-up, some of the definite products include the above.
The L'Oreal True Match foundation is one I really enjoy using on occasional basis and I think the primer makes it even more comfortable to wear which is nice since I detest heavy make-up.
Highlighting pencil from So Susan looks very pretty for a typical party wear. Otherwise I think it would be slightly too shiny and hard to blend in, but in the winter I find it okay to add a little bit more shimmer to the look.

Going more natural with the eyes, I'd like to emphasis the lashes instead of the eyelids and the previously received Eylure fake lashes could come in handy. As a total mascara addict I can't wait to test out this Kiko Extra Sculpt mascara- hopefully it won't disappoint me!
With eyes a bit more toned, the lips are ones to rock. I'v been loving the Rimmel Provocalips for good year now, and the newly received Essence Liquid Lipstick will be a great top coat.

I am so excited for the upcoming few days, even though I've still got school on Monday and Tuesday *weeps and weeps and weeps*. What are your plans for the beginning of this week and for the New Year?



  1. I am absolutely obsessed with the Rimmel Provocalips! They last a really long time

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Yes I know, I think they're amazing. I'm eager to try the different shades now :)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award xx



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