03 December 2015

Liebster Award- A Christmas Edition

Hello peeps,
Up until one morning, I didn't really have much understanding of the Liebster Award. Sure I've heard about it and on numerous occasions saw comments on other blogs that have been nominated but I've never thought I would find such a comment on one of my own posts. I mean, I was convinced it's just me, my keyboard and the screen and the realization that someone actually takes the time to pop their head over and acknowledge the work you put into your passion is the best pre Christmas gift ever!

Not to mention the fact I've been nominated not by one but four lovely girls!
Is this even allowed? I don't know the rules to follow when nominated by more than one person, but since google can't help me with this one I'm gonna combine all of their questions :) And if I can't do that, I'm sorry, I really don't know what I'm doing xD

With this being said, I would, with all my heart, love to thank the gorgeous Wei from Mon EntrĂ©e, Weronika, Aiko and Luyanda from Love Luyanda who were sweet enough to nominate me for the award.

For the uninitiated, The Liebster Award is one that is presented to bloggers by bloggers, with 200 or less followers, in order to encourage each other to write and discover new and upcoming blogs. This time round, it's a Christmas edit, yay!

Few rules to follow once nominated:
  • Create a blog post on the award and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker and set of rules.
  • Answer 10 questions from the person who nominated you and come up with your own 10 for your nominees.
  • Choose bloggers with <200 followers to nominate and let them know they've been nominated by commenting on their blog. 
Oh, and obviously remember to have fun :)

Questions from the girls:
-1: Favourite makeup item?
Mascara. I believe it does wonders in making one look more awake and alive and I could literally survive without all other makeup as long as I'd have at least one lash beautifier :)

-2: Cooking or washing the dishes?
Cooking definitely! I enjoy making yummy stuff in the kitchen. Tiding up bits of left over food? Not so much.

-3. Take naps or sleep in?
Sleep in. I never liked napping during the day, it felt like a waste of time. Those extra minutes of lie in on a chilly Saturday morning are my favourite.

-4. Have you bought any Christmas presents already? If yes, who have you bought for?
Yes, I have my mom, sister, step dad and best friend sorted and myself and my brother decided not to give each other gifts this year as simply; we're both broke :P  So it's fair to say, my Christmas shopping is done and dusted :) (I actually wrote a blog post about my Christmas haul which you can check out here if you're interested)

-5. Best compliment received?
I'm really grateful to both of my English teachers for complimenting on my creative writing skills and saying that my works were amazing and that they can see the potential in me of becoming a writer. This has basically encouraged me to gain interest in that direction and I do assume, that without their kind words, you wouldn't be reading this today :) 

-6. Favourite holiday?
Christmas. The one that always stuck in my head was from the winter when I was 6 or 7 and I went skiing for the first time along with my dad, his bunch of friends and my cousins, down to the Polish mountains and literally had the snowiest, most magical winter of a lifetime<3

-7. What's on your Christmas Wishlist?
The best gift someone could give me would be a trip away to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Florida or just a weekend in London but thinking more materialistically (and probably more realistically as well) I would love to get:
*A new cabin sized suitcase
*Jogging shoes and cute workout wear
*Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler
*Supply of earphones for an entire year (I break 4 on average during the 365 days!)
*Books: Girl Online on Tour by Zoe Sugg, Unforgiven by Lauren Kate and Princess by Jean Sasson

-8. Who is the hardest person to buy presents for?
My step dad. I think men in general are a problem for me. I always think they have everything they need and they seem to think so too. They never really want anything and certainly won't tell you if they do. Even this year, my step dad ordered his own present online, I just paid and wrapped it- this is what you call life struggles in 1st world countries xD

-9. Wrapping papers or paper bags?
Bags. They're not as exciting to open and tend to cost more, but I'm absolutely crap with wrapping presents unless they are a perfect, cube shape. If I could choose anything, I would say gifts packed inside of boxes and then wrapped in wrapping paper- I think these are the cutest.

-10. Favourite gift received?
I remember being really excited for my own, first pair of skis, when I was like 9. As I grew out of them quite fast they didn't get used a lot but it made me feel so special just to have a pair of my own. They were green with black detail and I believe I got them from my grandparents. I remember the time when we returned back to their flat after a Christmas dinner down at my aunts, thinking I've opened up all the gifts already and then suddenly receiving another one just before going to bed. It was the warmest feeling ever as the following week we went skiing again and I could enjoy using them for the entire get away :)

Another one that I have to mention is a singing pig. This may sound ridiculous but I swear it was my most beloved toy when I was younger. From my other grandparents, I got this teddy like pig who sang ''My Girl'' by The Temptations. I'm not too sure but I think I might have gotten it for my 7th birthday. I carried it EVERYWHERE! Even hid it in my bag when going to school and bragged to my friends that now I have a ''baby pig'' I need to care for (this was actually before Charlotte's Web was released, in case you were wondering). When we moved to Ireland it got lost in the action and I was so depressed, my mom purchased another one. Soon after that I got bored with it but I actually still have it! The sound is cranky and bit husky but my 2 year old sister used to have a period when she was obsessed with it as much as I once was :D

-11. Favourite Book?
Ultimately the Harry Potter series. Always.

-12. What do you love about winter?
Snow and layering up. I really don't mind the chill and looking like a puffy snowman :)

-13. Winter wardrobe must have?
Woolliest scarf .

-14. Jumpers or Hoodies?
Ooo that's a tough one! But I'd say jumpers for going out and hoodies for staying in.

-15. What do you think about christmas jumpers?
I freaking love them! They just make the festivity even more festive, plus they're cosy, warm and cute!

-16. Go to winter beauty product?
A primer.

-17. Favourite winter beverage?
Hot Chocolate ^_^

-18. Favourite pair of shoes?
Any type of winter booties.

-19. New Year's or Christmas?
Christmas. Nothing really ever happens on the new year and Christmas is just such a warm, family holiday.

-20. Go-to hairstyle?
High up pony.

There we go, these were fun to answer :D Now, my nominees are....

Abbie Katherine
The Kitty Luxe
Momentarily Dreaming
Ginger Snaps
The Perks of Life
The Life of Pye
Love and Mimosas
Life Is About Creating Yourself

I follow each of them girls and really enjoy their blogs, so you should definitely check them out!
Congarts guys, and the 10 questions for you are:

1. Favourite ice-cream flavor?
2. Bonfire or firework nights?
3. What is your favourite Christmas song?
4. What's your winter wardrobe staple?
5. Who's your current celeb crush?
6. What was always your dream job? (fake or real)
7. Snow ball fights or building snowmen?
8. What's the only one place you dream to visit the most?
9. What is your Christmas wish this year?
10. What's your best childhood, Christmas memory?

I'm so curious of what your answers will be :D Well done and thank you Wei, Weronika, Aiko and Luyanda once again <3



  1. Thank you so much for the Nomination. It's lovely to hear that you're enjoying my blog, it makes it so worth while. I love your pig story, I had a hedgehog that I took everywhere I lost it at a bonfire of all places. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Awww, these kind of stories are the most upsetting at the time but when you look at them now, you realize they are in fact what shaped your childhood and made the best memories <3

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  4. Thank you sweetie for the nomination! I was actually nominated last week so I will have two sets of questions for everyone to see! :) This should be fun!

    1. You're welcome, well deserved. I can't wait to read your answers :D

  5. Loved reading through this- I'm glad the blogging world could turn your day around :)


    1. Thank you, yes it was a lovely treat during a boring week :)

  6. congrats dear
    awesome answers love reading them

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination it was so kind of you and I cant thank you enough.


    1. You're very welcome, I really love your blog <3

  8. Congrats !! I have also nominated you !! <3


  9. Thank you, and congrats too! :D

    I'll add your questions on to this post as soon as time allows <3


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