08 November 2015

Christmas Shoe Boxes

Hello peeps,
for some of us it might still be too early to worry about Christmas. If you're like me, you'll probably purchase all your gifts on either the 1st or 23rd of December, when that little red light bulb in your brain will begin to flash; ''ding ding ding; you're broke af, the shops are closed and it's already that month!'' (excuse the language)

But no matter how long it still is until Christmas, it is definitely never too early to think about the presents you can give to someone in need this year.

The Irish charity organisation Team Hope, runs its Christmas Shoe Box appeal every year all over Ireland, in which all can take part. Basically, it's all about making a special gift for children from the poorest countries in the world. It's a lovely way to put a smile on their face and spread the true spirit of Christmas. 

The first time I recall making a shoe box of my own was back in primary school, probably when I was 10. Ever since, I try to take part every year, but this year I also wanted to share this with you guys. 

As all of us, most likely, come from different parts of the globe, there are different opportunities for us to help out someone this Christmas. My message is; get involved! Maybe it's your school or youth club that's organizing a charity event? If not, why not take part as an individual? Research events out. It really doesn't take so much to do so much.

If you have the possibility to do something similar as to the shoe box appeal, then go for it!
The guide to what can be included in your shoe box (according to Team Hope) are the 4Ws: Write, Wash, Wear, Wow! (treats and sweets) and I myself try to include something from each category in each box. 

Here's a few pictures of my shoe box for a girl aged 10-14 (you can choose yourself for whom you want the box to be) and maybe this will give you some inspiration if you're also taking part in something similar this year :)

My mom likes to help out too and she bought this cute, woolly hat ^_^

The lid and box are packed separately

You can also put in things you own and never use. My pair of gloves was too small ever since I got them and instead of keeping them at the bottom of my drawer for who-the-hell knows how many more years, I decided to give them away.

Besides the essentials like tooth brush and tooth paste, three packets of sweets are a must!

Primark winter sales are the best to find something perfect to include in the box. Here I got this set of cute hairbands, a small hairbrush, nail filer and a winter themed lip balm. The nail polish is one of my own and since I'm not too much in love with its colour I thought maybe someone else will like it :)

Guys, I hope you all have a great November ahead of you and let's all forget about New Year resolutions. Whatever you want to do, whether help out in a charity or something more personal, we're starting now! xx



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