08 February 2015

Teardrop: Book Review

Heya Guys,

How's your February going so far?
Mine started out pretty rough; with all the mock exams going on for over a week I can officially admit I am sucked out of life with all the study.

But luckily, I also managed to find some time to read another book in the process and mark off number two on this year's reading list.

Teardrop by Lauren Kate.

Number of Pages: 441
Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Teen Fiction
Few Main Characters: Eureka (17), Ander (18), Brooks(17), Cat (17)

Intro: I have been obsessed with Lauren Kate's work since summer 2013 when I first reached out for the Fallen series. Honestly, it has been my ultimate favourite ever since and I couldn't get enough. Seeing my love for Kate's books, my friends got me Teardrop for my birthday and I also asked for Waterfall for Christmas (which I'm currently reading).

Brief Summary: After a freakish, fatal 'accident', Eureka drowns herself in sorrow for the death of her mother, Diana. Suffering from depression and even suicidal attempts, it seems like her ''best-friend-since-womb'', Brooks, and her school life bestie, Cat, are the only two people she trusts and feels like understand her.
 Until, one day something in Brooks changes. He becomes a stranger to her.
 Not only that, Eureka also meets a mysterious boy who claims to be protecting her. But is Ander really there to save her or is he just a common human stalker following her everywhere?
 Trying to discover the secrets Diana has left behind, Eureka begins to question everything she thought she knew. And the deeper she digs, the more dangerous it gets.

Likes: First of all, the writing style. This is one of the things I love most about Lauren Kate. It's clear she writes with true passion and there's never a situation (or at least it seems like it) where she cannot find the right words. It's almost as if reading poetry on a totally new level. Everything always reaches so deep at it's so imaginative that every time I reach for a book of hers, I'm captured from the very first sentence to the very last word.

           Secondly, the love story. I can cross my heart that Kate is absolutely my top writer when it comes to romance. Her ideas and imagination and the way she expresses relationships in words is soo soo soo good and definitely portrayed gorgeously in Teardrop. 

           Another thing are the characters. More than creating my own and giving them any kind of qualities I like, I even more enjoy discovering them in other people's work. And in Teardrop, I feel like every character is so different, and yet so perfectly right that it makes the whole story so much more interesting. I find it really incredible to be able to picture every single one of them so clearly. Thank You Lauren for that :)

           And lastly, the entire plot of this story. I honestly have no clue how does that woman manage to come up with such an original ideas. Everything is so outside the box and I love it!

Dislikes: There isn't really much that I didn't like about this book, however,if  I was to be fully honest, I cannot agree that this in any way is better than Fallen. Don't get me wrong, I really loved Teardrop, I think it's amazing, but, compared to Fallen I feel like there isn't really that much going on. There's not too much of an action in it and I didn't enjoy as much. Maybe it's just the fact that I have grown really addicted to Fallen, reading the entire series a few times and now anticipating the movies badly that it captured me a lot more. However I don't want to judge it just yet as I have just started reading Waterfall (Teardrop's sequel) and so far it's really good so maybe my love for it is yet to develop :)

My overall rate: 9/10
My cover rate: 10/10

So what did You guys think, if any of you had read it? I'm so curious of finding out Your opinion on both Teardrop and Fallen, so please let me know down in the comments :)

Love Loads,

P.S. One of the questions that came up on my English exam the other day was to write 3 blog posts from my ''Lifetime Journey''. How luckier could I get? :D

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