17 March 2015

Waterfall: Book Review

Hello peeps, I'm back! (Or at least trying to :/)

Mocks are over (thankfully), but the perspective of having only 11 weeks 'till the actual exams scares the heck out of me! Nah just kidding, I'll probably start to worry once I'll be handed my first paper and freak out about the fact that I neglected studying...

Okay, so I'm hoping to get back on track with regular updates from now on (even though I can't promise anything) so in the meantime, here's another book review :)

Waterfall by Lauren Kate


Number of Pages: 383
Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Teen Fiction 
Few Main Characters: Eureka, Ander, Solon

Intro: About a month ago I talked about the first part in the series, Teardrop, but I have to say, for the first time in my entire bookworm addiction, I more enjoyed the sequel than the original. If you read my previous post you'll know that I did indeed like Teardrop but it wasn't something breathtaking. This one however, a masterpiece! 

Brief Summary: ( WARNING! Spoiler Alert!!!) Eureka's tears flooded the earth- like literally! Atlantis is raising and  the only way to save human race from the evil Atlas is for Eureka to defeat him. But despite what others suggest would be the best thing to do, she refuses to kill him, still hoping her best friend Brooks has a chance to be saved. Along with her father, the twins, Ander, Cat and couple hundred year aged Solon, she decides on her next step of action. Meanwhile, she's still torn between two loves and her sorrow only adds to the danger.

Likes: Okay, so if to be totally honest- I loved every freakin' inch and corner of this book! The sophisticated writing style, the breathtaking chapters, dangerous moments and thrilling romance. I can cross my heart that it's one of the best mystical-like books I've read. Thank, Lauren Kate, I mean it.

Dislikes: It's easy to guess that I probably have nothing bad to say about the plot. However, if we were to dive deep into my brain to find the most stupid reason and 100% opinion, the tiniest bit of me would say I'm not fully satisfied with the cover (told you how stupid it was). It's not that I dislike it, because I can see how creative it as in terms of relating to the story line, but for me I would say it's a bit too much... maybe if there was less copy and colour use on the cover it would make me like it bit more. I'm the type of person who agrees that less is more and it applies in book covers too :)

My overall story rate: 10/10
My overall cover rate: 6/10

Oh and guys just want to mention, if you have any book requests for me to read and review please let me know down in the comments as I'll be more than glad to read them :)

Love loads,


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